Young Thug – The London Ft. J. Cole and Travis Scott (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)


Young Thug may be working on his debut studio album “GØŁDMØÜFDÖG” pronounced “Gold Mouf Dog”. Otherwise, this album will follow Thug’s latest mixtape ‘Beautiful Thugger Girls’ released in June 2017. Newly released song “The London” is part of this upcoming album project.

Released on May 23, 2019, “The London” is the first taste of what’s to come in Young Thug’s upcoming “GØŁDMØÜFDÖG” project. This song features the voices of rappers J. Cole and Travis Scott. This is the first collaboration of this trio together. Young Thug teased the upcoming song on May 22, in a teaser clip on Twitter.

After dropping out of the single, Young Thug also revealed the song’s artwork on Instagram;

The song titled “The London” refers to the upscale luxury hotel suite “The London NYC” in Manhattan.

Listen to “The London” by Young Thug Ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott


Travis Scott starts the song with the chorus. He invites someone to meet him in London NYC to talk about things they can “undo” together. We just want to fix the mistakes they made in the past. However, in real life there is no “cancel” button. You can only remember, reflect, adjust, and move on.

6 feet 1 inch is Travis’ claim to his height. However, when he climbs on his piles of money, he becomes 9 feet 2 inches. Metaphorically, Travis Scott’s wealth stands at 3 feet and 1 inch.

Travis’s invitation for this girl to meet him in London may be a lost cause, as he says he hasn’t received a response to his 2-3 texts.

Verse 1

The first verse of “The London” is written by J. Cole. He begins by displaying his global presence in music and how it got him a lot of money. He also yells at collaborator Young Thug referring to his nickname “Big Slime”.

Being a rapper of the caliber and fame of J. Cole, he must constantly receive invitations from women for misconduct. J. Cole reveals the number of direct messages (DMs) he receives on social media, but it’s not about that cat fishing life. “Cat fishing” is the act of meeting someone you have met online under false pretenses.

Next, J. Cole tells us how popular he is in the industry right now. He shifted gears to be different and that made him leave the generic herd of “birds” or rappers behind him. “Bird” is also a slang for cocaine and in the next line J. Cole estimates its value in terms of cocaine. For a feature film by J. Cole, he is paid the sum of “11 birds”, that is to say 11 bricks of cocaine. According to blogs, a brick of cocaine can cost anywhere from $ 30,000 to $ 50,000. Therefore, a verse by J. Cole earns him about $ 400,000 !!! “Two thousand dollars per word” is the estimate of J. Cole which goes in the direction of the calculations above!

J. Cole ends his line by stating that he has no interest in the photos on your Instagram. Instead, he’s more able to put an image on his ultrasound. A sonogram is a device used to monitor a baby’s movements during pregnancy.

Verse 2

Young Thug performs the second verse of “The London”.

He begins by praising his lyric talents. He could sell cocaine with “pimp talk” or “church talk”. It will do the job anyway.

Even inside the compound, Youn Thug has influence. He would sell cigarettes and bread and still be contagious with his music. He metaphorically implies that he will have sex with the daughters of the cops who imprison him and spread his STD music.

Thug also talks about being in an intimate relationship with a girl with “light brown eyes”. It could be the same girl, with big thighs, with whom he becomes physical in London as these words dictate.

It is questionable whether Young Thug managed to shine on his own way in the face of verses from J. Cole and Travis Scott. Let us know what you think of this collaboration in the comments below. Add your own interpretations to the lyrics in the comments.

Young Thug’s “The London” full lyrics

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