We Cry Together

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We cry together

[Intro: Florence Welch & Whitney Alford]
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Hold on to each other
Hold on to each other
This is what the world looks like

[Interlude: Taylour Paige & Kendrick Lamar]
No, fuck you, nigga (Fuck you, bitch)
Oh, wow, okay
you fucked me
Fuck you, fuck you

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar & Taylour Paige]
I swear, I’m sick of these emotional ungrateful bitches (Shut your mouth)
Stupid bitches with unstable ass and conflicted ass
You wanna knock a nigga down, even when I’m tryna do right
We could break up now, you could go on with your life (I swear to God)
Fuck you nigga, you like pity parties, I won’t show
Always act like your shit don’t stinkasshole, grow up (Man, fuck you)
Always late for shit, won’t buy shit, sit and deny shit (Male)
Fuck around a side bitch, then come fuck my shit
What? Fuck your shit? You gotta bleed and more shit
Bitch, I don’t know shit, fuck your feelings, you on some ho shit
See I don’t know why you like to play mind games with me
(Mind games, man)
Bitch, I’m neither slow nor shy, I know when you’re distant
I know when you pretend to be busy getting your feelings out and miss me with that reverse psychology

Man, bitch, you tripping, who bought you that Rollie chain?
And who put this car in my name?
What you think? I’ll kiss you ?
Nah, nigga, you suck

[Interlude: Kendrick Lamar & Taylour Paige]
You know what? Fuck you, bitch (Fuck you, nigga)
No, fuck off, bitch (No, fuck off, nigga)
Fuck you, bitch (No, fuck off, nigga)
No, fuck off, bitch (Fuck you, nigga)
Fuck you, bitch (Fuck you, nigga)
Kiss my ass (Kiss my ass), kiss my ass (Kiss my ass)
Kiss my ass (Kiss my ass)
Fuck you, nigga
Fuck you, bitch (Nah, fuck you)

[Verse 2: Taylour Paige & Kendrick Lamar]
Wasting my time and energy trying to be good to you
Lost friends, family, gained more enemies because of you
female dogs watch me in Zara, hoes scratch my cars
I should have followed my spirit in 2009 and I just moved to Georgia
Oh, what, is it my fault now? Bitch, are you tripping on power or guilt? (OK)
I held your ass down
You just held me down, that’s a big difference
I stress myself out trying to figure out why I’m not good enough
Go to church, pray for you, look for the good in us
Little asshole nigga trying to get big
But you sucked that dick though
Well, shit, I should have sucked it
What you say?
I should have found a bigger dick, bitch, get the hell outta my face
Oh, what, are you crazy?
Shut up, bitch, you fucked me today, on God
Ah-ha, you’re crazy, little feelings are shot down
Go text that ragged bitch and tell her everything she got
Dude, what bitch?
Let her know you pack your shit and you gotta go first
Man, give me those fucking keys
Give me my keys, I’ll be late for work
Fuck your job, today’s gonna be the day you walk up to that bitch
Give me my fucking keys
No, I like that you parked in that female dog
Give me my keys brother
On God, you won’t have these keys
Give me my fucking keys
Ah, now you mad at me, I make you scream for nothing
I do the same when we fuck
Act like that pussy ain’t loose
I prefer to act like I’m cumming
I’d rather fuck the juice
I’d rather fuck your cousin
Bitch, who did you say you were gonna fuck with?
You heard me, nigga, it’s nothing (Very well)

[Interlude: Kendrick Lamar & Taylour Paige]
You know what? Fuck you, bitch (Fuck you, nigga)
Fuck you, bitch (No, fuck you nigga)
No, fuck off, bitch (No, fuck off, nigga)
Fuck you, bitch (Fuck you, I’m sick of this guy)
Kiss my ass (Kiss my ass), kiss my ass (Kiss my ass), kiss my ass
Fuck you, bi— (Shit you)
Fuck you, bitch, stupid bitch

[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar & Taylour Paige]
I don’t even know why I fuck with you
I’ll be damned if I stay with you
I changed my number, I’m ducking you, bitch
Bitch, whatever’s comfortable
That’s the kind of shit couples do
I should have thought to handcuff you, bitch
Nigga, you dirty and broke
Ho, you’re clumsy and gullible, the fuck are you talking?
Mm, the insecurities you have won’t bother me
Womanizer, I got no affection from your mama, I see

Don’t talk about my mama, is that your fucking problem?
That bitch don’t like me anyway
Bitch, she gave you the Honda
And I used that shit to throw it in my face (Man, wait bro)
Find it funny, you can’t apologize (That bitch, man)
Selfish, narcissistic, love your own lies (Brother)
See you’re the reason strong women screwed up
Why they say it’s a man’s world, see you’re Trump’s reason
You the reason, we neglected, underpaid, underbooked, under shame
If you’re watching, I don’t speak, so I’m called by my name
I have faults, I have pain, never yours, I stayed

You the reason that bitches start fucking with bitches when they change
You’re the reason bitches start calling you all bitches cause you’re all useless

You’re the reason Harvey Weinstein had to see his conclusion
You’re the reason R. Kelly can’t admit he’s violent
Man, shut the fuck up, we all know you still play his music
Said I’m sick of these emotional ungrateful bitches
Fake innocent, fake feminist, stop pretending
Your feelings are no more real than what you stand for
(There he is, shut the fuck up)
It’s a split decision, chicks like you and real victims (Look at you, look at you)
Let’s tell the truth (OK), women in general just can’t get along (Explain, nigga)
Hmm, when Tash had a man, you didn’t pick up the phone (Explain, nigga)
When Nate got a job, you said you were staying home (To explain)
Why aren’t R&B bitches on other songs then?
What the hell are you talking about?
Whatever, bitch, I’m out
Anyway, nigga, I’m leaving now
Your devilish ass kept me in doubt
Pussy nigga, better watch your mouth
Pussy and mouth is all you got
Rest that pussy on the couch
Doggystyle, then you’re on top

[Interlude: Taylour Paige & Kendrick Lamar]
Fuck me, nigga (I will fuck you, bitch)
No, fuck me, nigga, fuck me (I will fuck you, bitch)
No, fuck off, fuck me (you play the man)
fuck me
Nah, you play

[Outro: Whitney Alford]
Stop tap-dancing around the conversation

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