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That would be simple, wouldn’t it?
My father had gone trapping
Watch lives
What happened to you?
What is magic?

[Verse 1: Zelooperz]
Out with the vision myself (Myself)
I had to fend for myself (Myself)
I get the green like it’s kelp (it’s kelp)
I put that shit in the bucket (bucket)
Make sure my mama’s okay (done okay)
All my female dogs doing fine (Doing fine)
All my female dogs doing fine (Doing fine)
My female dogs shine like jew-els (Jew-els)
I get that money by the wire (wire)
I make ’em play on the cell (Cell)
I release my sister from the cell (cell)
I got this check in the mail (The mail)
Jupiter, jumbo or giant (giant)
Whip that paint, Jumbalaya (‘laya)
I held your hoe with a spell (spell)
I put that female dog on the trail (Trail)
I hope I smoke the best (the best)
Run the game like a tyrant (Tyrant)
Winter when nothing else fails (fails)
Winter always brings you hell (hell)
Just sin for me, bitch, sing a symphony
Bitch defending me, she thought it was on edge (Deep)
I took a bag, you were told you were weak
I got the mag, I been on the line, assembly
Tragedy in the street (Street)
I’m looking for someone to laugh with me, incomplete
I’m looking for someone to correspond with me, Desert Eagle
I’m looking for someone to explode for me, Desert Eagle

I’m looking for someone to fly with me, soar with me, no Visine
Just look what my eyes see, open my eyes, set me free
Just remind me where I’m from and what’s going on
What is happening? The spinning gas, the running engine
What the fuck is going on? Remind me where I come from
And what happens? The engine is running, the gas is flowing
What the fuck is going on?

[Verse 2: Earl Sweatshirt]
I did dirty with the clique
I went and got clicked by myself
I couldn’t put myself down
I couldn’t be weak as hell (Hell)
I’m just tired of me (me)
I had to manage (I had to manage)
I had to come down like the prison pose
To verify back view, then lose tail, bro (check rear view, then lose tail)
I will jump over hell
I had the vision myself
They shadowed me at the stop
I picked up a penny and I left (Penny and I left)
I picked up the clip (With a step) with a step
Singular current event, everything we’re in the middle of
How long are you giving up rent? (Ugh)
Extension of the moratorium
, I’m just escaping the pit
There’s no parade in the tent (tent)
Fuck my face with a syringe
Staring at my face, feigning interest
‘Lone, all my patience is getting thin (Everything takes patience)
Everything he said I missed
I can’t believe you get paid for this shit (Whatever stock on the shelves)
Regardless of the stock of the shelves
Niggas thinking they got it
Hit the lab, prep a cell
They itching for it, I saw it was a drought
I hear the ringing of the bell, I tried to atone with a prayer (Pray)
Know the toll never say (Say)
You’ll see when you get there, and it’ll come out, ugh
I would do anything to make my children happy
Please black girl is there anything you can do to help me?

Maybe there is… (Magic)
How can I make our black children happy without any magic?
It depends on what you tell them
Magic is only illusion and our children don’t need to grow up in an imaginary world. You need to tell them the truth and help them feel proud of who they are. The magic of truth is far more powerful than the magic of imagination

But what can I tell them?
Tell them they are beautiful. Tell them they black
Here, take my wing, and I’ll take you to someone who can give you something even better than magic.

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