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Tyler, The Creator is back with brand new music seemingly after ages. Entitled “LUMBERJACK”, it is the first single from Tyler’s expected album in 2021, which has no title yet. Much like “Tyler, The Creator”, this 1 minute and 18 second track skips through several melodic changes. On the track, Tyler raps his enemies and makes them suffer his success.

Tyler, The Creator released their blockbuster sixth studio album “IGOR” in May 2019. Since then, Tyler has been relatively inactive in the music scene, with the exception of the Coca-Cola commercial with the track “Tell Me How ”in February 2021..

The title of the song, “Lumberjack,” is the result of Tyler calling on his enemies to compete with him; “I would like n * to race.” Since “would” sounds like “wood,” Tyler insinuates that he is going to take down his competition like a lumberjack in a woodcutting race!

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Meaning of “LUMBERJACK” lyrics and review of the song

In the song’s lyrics, Tyler brags about his wealth by singing his Rolls-Royce. Why is this a great achievement? Because Tyler explains how not so long ago people of his color were just slaves to white men.

Whips upon whips, my ancestors retired

He also thanks his parents for bringing him into the world and for letting him follow his passion to become a musician. He has been unstoppable ever since. He is the pride of the “neighborhood” in which he grew up.

Tyler, the creator is hungry for success. He’s ready to take down anyone who gets in the way of his goals and dreams.

In the song’s opening verse, Tyler brags about his close relationship with Drake, arguably one of the greatest artists in the world. Tyler was willing to give Drake a million dollars to attend his concert.

One of the biggest flex of the song is “I own my full businesses, I told them to keep the loan. “ This means that Tyler owns certain businesses and not just a lender. Since he owns it, he told the company to keep his loan with them, in a true owner style.

In the song’s second verse, Tyler flexes that he would fly to Utah just to enjoy the sled. He also mentions a salad-colored emerald ring he wears in the clip.

Tyler, The Creator ends the verse by saying that now he is a “zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero (not six).” This refers to his wealth. Not really zero, but there is an integer in front of all those zeros. It mentions seven zeros and says no six. This means that his wealth has gone from seven digits to eight digits. As of the date of this article, Tyler the Creator is estimated to have net worth of $ 16 million, or $ 16,000,000. However, we have to assume that it is $ 10,000,000 or $ 20,000,000 for the number to have seven zeros and eight digits.

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