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Twenty One Pilots have made a rather surprise release of a brand new single, titled “Shy Away” and today also announced their upcoming studio album “Scaled And Icy”. The new single is a personal experience of lead singer, Tyler Joseph, with his brother Jay Joseph.

“Scaled And Icy” is the sixth studio album by Twenty One Pilots, following their 2018 multi-platinum album “Trench”. “Shy Away” is the lead single from the album and was released on April 7, 2021, while the album is scheduled for release on May 21.

Tyler Joseph spoke about the inspiration behind the song at the song’s world premiere on BBC Radio 1; “I just had a great time, playing guitar for the first time, ever. I think nothing is more inspiring than learning a new instrument that I’ve never played before, especially electric guitar and I invited my younger brother, he’s like “Hey, I want to watch your process from start to finish, how do you start a song, how do you record a song, how do you write a song?” [I] just sort of came with the beginnings of the song, almost like a tutorial for him on how to lay out a song, how to start it, how to record it, how to produce it. Lyrically it turned out to be about being an older brother and the only harder thing than trying to figure out what your own purpose is is watching someone you love try to understand its purpose.

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Meaning of “Shy Away” lyrics and song review

The song is about encouraging someone to pursue their dreams without getting sidetracked from their true potential. The song was inspired by Tyler’s brother asking him about the songwriting and music production process. What followed as advice ultimately shaped the lyrics of this song, which applies universally to all of us.

In all three verses of the song, Tyler Joseph encourages (or rather hopes) that his brother is out of their house when he returns from the studio. It’s not a bad wish towards his brother. It symbolizes “leaving the nest” to pursue one’s own dreams. It is easy to live under the wing of one’s parents or older brother. It’s harder to pursue your dreams. That is why they are called dreams. But when you achieve these dreams, your real life will be as pleasant as what you felt in your dreams.

Don’t be embarrassed (Ah-ah-ah)
Manifest a ceiling
When you’re shy (Ah-ah-ah)
Searching for this feeling

In the chorus of the song, Tyler sings about how the limits of his potential are what we define them. What you envision, you can manifest. A “ceiling” is an upper limit – usually looks like the maximum height one can reach. In life, you set your own ceilings. What you propose to be is what you will be. So, always set the bar ever higher. There are no limits to human potential, only if you keep pushing yourself.

Tyler’s brother received an “I love you” from Tyler, but not in the same words. He received a song from his older brother and a very inspirational song.

We hope you are chasing all of your dreams, no matter the obstacles in front of you!

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