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Chris Brown sang his intimate plans with his daughter in his 2008 hit “Take You Down”. Sampling on this track, Tory Lanez recruits Chris Brown himself for their intimate plans for their daughters on “The Take”.

“The Take” is the sixth track from Tory Lanez’s 2019 album “Chixtape 5”. The singer spoke of his amazement that this song really took off;

“I didn’t even think the song was going to be successful. You have to remember what people think of “Take You Down” and how classic it is about love. I wanted to make sure I was doing something a little different, with a different flow. I feel like the production of the second half is probably my favorite part of the song.

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Lyrics review and meaning of the song “The Take”

The very explicit lyrics of “The Take” detail the sexual fantasies of Tory Lanez and Chris Brown.

In the song’s opening verse, Tory Lanez can be heard appreciating the work of art that is his girlfriend’s body. He talks about relieving his daughter from the troubles of the day by getting along with her. And her sex game seems to be pretty strong; “Seven positions for seventy minutes. “

He knows the girl wants him too. He compares his hunger for himself to a Thanksgiving dinner, where everyone eats as much as they can.

“Dropping her” refers to pinning her on the bed or getting on top of her.

In the second verse of “The Take”, Chris Brown jumps on the track. He sings that he shoots him down in every building he owns. Much like a game of Monopoly, they pass through different parking spaces. Even though he’s so fascinated with this girl, he compares their time together to “Draw the lottery”.

Just like its predecessor “Take You Down”, “The Take” has also gained a certain reputation as the top song for “making love”. We can see why.

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