The Foundations of Decay

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The basics of decomposition

[Verse 1]
See the man standing on the hill
He dreams of all the battles won

But fate had left its scars on her face
With all the damage they had done

And so tired with age
He turns the page

Leave the flesh
submit to gravity

Let our bodies rest while our hearts will rest
Let our blood flow if I die in pain

Now if your beliefs were a passing phase
Let your ashes feed the river in the morning rays

And as the vermin crawl
We lay the foundations of decadence

[Verse 2]
He was there the day the towers fell
And so he wandered down the road
And we would all build our own towers

Only to watch the roots corrode

But it’s much too late
You are in the race
We will therefore support
And press until you can’t no more

Let’s lay our bodies down while our hearts are saved
Let our blood flow if I die in pain
And if, by his own hand, his spirit flies away
Take her body as a relic to canonize, now
And so he comes to die a saint
But she will always be the whore

(You look stressed!)
Against Faith (Antihero)
Against all life (As if it should be pure)
Against Change (Walk through the ruins)
We are free (The guilt is yours)

You have to mend your heart
And you must build an altar where he rests
When the storm disintegrates and the sky it rains

Let it flood, let it flood, let it wash away
And as you stumble in your last crusade
Will you welcome your extinction in the morning rays?
And as the swarm calls, we lay the foundations

Yes, it comforts me a lot more
Yes, it comforts me a lot more
Lay in the foundations of decadence
Get up, coward!

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