The Chainsmokers – “All We Know” Ft. Phoebe Ryan (Full Lyrics Review)


“All We Know” is the next big thing in The Chainsmokers’ portfolio and we can’t wait for it to drop in a few days (30th Friday). Most likely, the song will leak tomorrow before the official release, but we won’t post the leak here. So hold your breath until Friday because it’s an awesome track.

Listen to the entirety of “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers

Phoebe Ryan sings on “All We Know” with Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers. This is the second time Taggart has sung a (very possible) hit song, the last being “Closer” featuring Halsey.

Unfortunately, pre-orders aren’t available for the track, but stick with us as we’ll update the links as they become available.

Review of the lyrics and meaning of the song “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers

The lyrics are simple and surreal in this track and Phoebe’s voice is angelic. Her voice adds that celestial touch which is on par with the song’s theme.

The first verse goes like;

Fight the flames of fire
Hand on hot wires
We don’t care anymore
Art, we never fade
We keep wasting colors
Maybe we should let it go

It’s a song about heartbreak, but the lyrics, melody and EDM cleverly disguise the fact.

“Flames of fire” are the difficulties that seem to arise out of nowhere during the last round of a relationship. Things come out of nowhere and it hurts and it burns, but you try to put out the fire in the name of what you had. “Burning sons” means the same thing again in a different light.

There comes a time when they don’t care anymore. How do you prevent a work of art from fading? You keep repainting on it. The Chainsmokers try to liken their final relationship to an art being washed away.

Then we come to the chorus of the song;

We fall apart, we still hold together
We passed the end so we carry on forever
‘Cause that’s all we know
This feeling is all we know
I ride my bike to the world
In the streets through the city
I will go wherever you go
From Chicago to the coast
You tell me, “Do this and let’s go
Blow the smoke through the window”
‘Cause that’s all we know

The singer knows the relationship is coming to an end, but they are still holding on. They’ve reached the breaking point, but they’re still holding on. Why? Because that’s all we know.

The feeling that somehow there is a chance keeps you from trying to hold on to the air.

I believe that the next few lines tell us how the two lovers grew up as a couple, from cycling to facing the world, from the streets to the city. It also gives me a taste of “Closer”, but this song has a completely different meaning. ‘All We Know’ also gives stoner life a little kick – ‘Hit that and blow the smoke’ – well, what did you expect, it’s The Chainsmokers.

The EDM merged post-chorus of “All We Know” follows;

‘Cause that’s all we know
‘Cause that’s all we know
‘Cause that’s all we know

The song’s second verse rings out;

Never face each other
One but different covers
We don’t care anymore
Two hearts still beating
On different rhythms
Maybe we should let it go

I guess they mean sleeping arrangements when they say “never face each other.” Or it could refer to entirely different aspects like, never facing their difficulties and differences. I might need your opinion on this. But my first annotation is the next line about “bedspreads”. They sleep under one blanket, but they’re really in two different blankets. It’s a really nice way to say that they’re not on the same page or that they’re not really connected to each other. Glory!

Their hearts “always” beat together, but at different rates. Nice words right there. And again they ponder whether they should let it go. But there’s only one obstacle: clinging to lost causes, that’s all we know!

The chorus and post-chorus follow once more and “All We Know” ends, leaving us mesmerized by the smooth EDM melodies and fusion of Andrew Taggart and Phoebe Ryan’s vocals.

The Chainsmokers seem to be doing everything right at this point, and we’d also like to see a music video for “All We Know.” Phoebe Ryan needs to be in the spotlight.

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