The 1975 Covers “thank u, next” by Ariana Grande Live on BBC Radio 1


Despite a pretty bad year as far as her personal life is concerned, Ariana Grande’s music is skyrocketing around the world. Her latest exploding single is ‘Thanks, Next’ which is about Ariana’s love affairs that fell apart throughout 2018. However, the music world loves her and her music. This heartwarming song about moving forward in life has received numerous reviews and will be the first song on her upcoming studio album.

Numerous covers of “thank u, next” have emerged since the single was released just weeks after the split with her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson. The 1975 British pop rock group hit the studio on BBC Radio 1 to perform several of their songs and this special tribute to Ariana Grande. The group delivered a moving rendition of the choir breakup track.

Likely, we’ll see a few more live performances from The 1975 during this live recording. The band released a music video for the track “Sincerity is Scary” from the album “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”.

Watch The 1975 Perform “thank u, next” (Ariana Grande cover)

It would be fair to say that The 1975 gave this cover a whole new life. The touch of the chorus adds an enhanced soul effect to this performance.

Ariana Grande has yet to react to this performance.

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