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“The Man” is the fourth track from Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album “Lover”.

The highly anticipated 2019 album “Lover” contains 18 tracks on the standard edition, including three singles “ME! With Brendon Urie, “You Need to Calm Down” and the title track “Lover”. The new album is in stark contrast to Taylor’s previous album, “Reputation,” released in 2017, which focused on speaking out against enemies. At this time, however, Taylor Swift is in love, and this is reflected throughout the album.

In Taylor’s 2019 interview with Vogue magazine, she teased a snippet of the lyrics to “The Man.” The lyrics suggest that Taylor is assuming the prospect of being a man, addressing his concerns about gender discrimination.

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In the lyrics to “The Man”, Taylor Swift plays with the idea of ​​being a man and how that would make her so much more “accepted” in society.

Taylor Swift explains how society would interpret her behaviors and her life in quite contrasting ways if she were a man. The first example she draws is her love life. It’s a known fact that Taylor Swift has a “long list of ex-lovers” who will call her crazy! But if she had been a man, the same scenario would have been interpreted as “playing on the pitch before committing to one person”.

In the pre-chorus, Taylor talks about the benefits a man enjoys in society. He would be considered a “fearless leader”, of the “dominant male” type and often society would tend to believe a man rather than a woman. As a 29-year-old woman, Taylor Swift has amassed and imposed immense power over the music industry and society in general.

In the second verse of “The Man,” Taylor emphasizes the benefits of being a man in modern society. A man was generally recognized for his work, being recognized that he had “scrambled” for his victories. For a woman, it would usually be numb to be “lucky” or even “prudish.” Society expects a woman to keep a low profile, even when she is abused. On the other hand, if a man was rude or defended himself, he would be honored as a hero!

In the song deck, Taylor Swift goes all out on these gender stereotypes. If a man had money and threw it at women, he would be a ball player and a stallion. If a woman did the same, she would be a “bitch” or even a “bitch”.

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The full album will be released on August 23, 2019 on Republic Records.

Updated: 02/18/2020

Taylor Swift performed an acoustic version of “The Man” live in Paris. Take a look below.

Updated: 02/27/2020

Taylor Swift created the music video for “The Man” describing what it’s like to be an dominant male in society. Or even, how if a man does something he’s portrayed as a dominant male just because he’s a man.

However, the most important part of the message comes after the song, when the filming of the music video comes halfway. We see that Taylor Swift is the director of the clip, a video about a man’s thirst for power! However, we later realize that Taylor Swift herself played the role of “The Man” in the video. Great job, Taylor!

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