Taylor Swift – New Year’s Day (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

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“New Year’s Day” is the fifteenth and final song from Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album “Reputation.” This song has a completely different melody and theme from those that were followed throughout the album. And it’s the only song without heavy electro-pop music and synths.

“New Year’s Day” is a different kind of love story. Taylor is about an enduring love that lasts forever through the trials of time. This song is reminiscent of Taylor’s earlier works that used instruments. “New Year’s Day” music is provided by piano and guitar only and his regular “Reputation” producers step back and Jack Antonoff comes in for this track.

Read the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day”

Taylor Swift performed the song live in front of an audience of 100 fans at her Rhode Island home. Watch this performance below.

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Review of the lyrics and meaning of the song “New Year’s Day”

Taylor Swift beautifully portrays the aftermath of a party. There’s glitter all over the floor and people are coming out of the house with their heads down, asleep and the girls have their shoes in their hands. The party lasted all night, as the candles burned to the ground.

Taylor tries to say something about themselves “you and me from the night before…” but she stops abruptly.

Looks like she had a great time with her at the party, but now she has to go home. She wishes she could stay with him, but something prevents her from doing so.

The chorus of “New Year’s Day” speaks of something tragic and beautiful. Taylor asks her lover not to read the last page of the book – she has a feeling it won’t be a good ending. She’s willing to stand by him through thick and thin, but sometimes forces beyond their control speed their way to the final chapter. It is a frightening and tormenting experience.

You shake my hand three times in the back of the cab
I can tell it’s gonna be a long road

A person usually shakes hands with another unintentionally if they face an unexpected situation that frightens them. Taylor assumes life is a long road and they take a cab. They face many challenges that scare them, so they both get attached to the tough road ahead.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform ‘New Year’s Day’ Live at Jimmy Fallon

Please never become a stranger
Whose laughter I could recognize anywhere

The bridge of “New Year’s Day” announces a very sad end to the song and therefore to the whole album. Taylor begs him not to become someone she can’t recognize but her laugh. People can walk away in many ways and Taylor hates to see that happen to them.

It’s the most emotional track of the 15-song ‘Reputation’ album and we see a glimpse of the Old-Taylor. Starting with “…Ready for this? and ending with a soulful ballad like “New Year’s Day” could mean something to Taylor. Is the old Taylor coming back?

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