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“Forever Winter” is the twenty-seventh track from Tayor Swift’s re-recorded album “Red (Taylor’s Version)” in 2021. This brand new track From The Vault is about a disconnected relationship between the singer and her suffering lover. mental disorders. problems.

Taylor Swift re-recorded and released her 2012 album “Red” after a spinoff with her then-label Big Machine. As painful as it was for Taylor, it gives us some new tracks that she wrote for the ‘Red’ album but never made it into it. In the 2021 re-release of ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’, we’re fortunate enough to have some of these gems from the past. “Just a friendly reminder that I never thought it was possible to go back and redo my previous work, discovering lost works of art and forgotten gems along the way, if you didn’t. had not emboldened. Red is about to be mine again, but it has always been ours. This evening, we are starting again ”, Taylor Swift wrote, announcing the album.

The winter season is often associated with emotions such as loneliness, sadness, calm and general darkness. In this song, Taylor associates these emotions with a distraught relationship she has with a guy who suffers from mental health issues. Worst of all, Taylor was unaware of his fights and how he hid them the longest. This is often a serious problem with people with mental health issues – not expressing the issues and even not being taken seriously when they do.

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Taylor Swift “Forever Winter” Lyrics Song Meaning and Review

Verse 1

In the song’s opening verse, Taylor Swift recounts how her partner began to see things turn white because of the color. He started to look broken and abandoned.

I’m just calling to check on him
He’s up, 3 a.m. pacing up and down
He said: “It’s not just a phase I’m in”

Taylor Swift instinctively calls to check on him and she wakes up at 3 a.m. and paces around her room. It’s a dead gift that they’re wrestling with something.

All this time I didn’t know
you collapsed

It hurts Taylor Swift to see him like this. It hurt even more to realize that he had been struggling for a while and that she wasn’t able to go through with it. She realizes that he’s been there for her during some of her darkest days, and she hasn’t been able to return the favor.

I’ll be the summer sun for you forever
Forever winter if you go …

Summer sun and winter are poles apart. Summer erases the gloom of winter. Taylor wishes she could be his sunshine, but she’s afraid he’s gone too far.

Verse 2

When she sees him at 5 a.m., he’s still up. Nothing has improved. Days go by and he seems to move away from everything around him. He has no control over the parasites in his mind. And these parasites take over. The voices of those close to him seem to fall on deaf ears.

He smiles and pushes the others when they ask him if everything is okay. But inside, it is eaten away, withered like the leaves that fall in winter.

Verse 3

In the song’s third verse, Taylor Swift promises to help her see through her dark times. But he can only be helped if he is ready to receive help. Cracking this layer would probably prove to be the hardest part. Maybe a simple “I love you” could reach him. Maybe nothing will. It’s a constant struggle for everyone around him until he lets them in.

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