Taking Spots

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Take spots

Yeah you know what’s up *whistle*, biggest shit talker back man
Where were you then when I fell on my face
She know a niggas stay fresh like fuck her in my *whistle* face
Ain’t gotta step out the door at all, they come and jump that door
I can’t bring my niggas around some niggas ’cause all they do is take
Brodie say in the streets we caught him on the sidewalk *bow*
Yeah, you know he must’ve got it just for the mall talking sideways (what the fuck)
Got a big shit on my waist walking with a side step *whistle*
Overloading taking up space got niggas signing (hey)

Yeah, I’m taking spots, I heard your favorite rapper drop
Put it in that hole in the field like we playing golf (on rico)
I lost 50 on some janky shit, I’ll bring it back tomorrow
Try to play me on some janky shit be gone tomorrow
Baby, face yourself first and then you get your waist ripped off
I don’t give my time to everyone so don’t waste it
Lately I’ve been sipping on a wasted thin feeling (sip)
Just ’cause a nigga come out clean, she wanna taste it
I could really fuck your bitch right now, I’m patient (forreal)
I have the lo right now, I could go and I’m patient
Foreign cars, foreign hoes keep ’em spinning
She just lost her fucking mind, we don’t share places (damn)
I know it’s a marathon so I keep walking *whistle* *whistle*
Mix match designer on, no I don’t do base (no)
Distribute it and make it go, then collect that payment (come here)
Hell yeah I got my homies niggas here, hatin (hatin)
Hang out with my setters (setters)
We can go anywhere (forreal)
VVS everywhere we walked in changed the weather
I took like three-four female dogs up to the loft, we fucked together
I don’t need a stylist, I really know how to put this shit together (hey)

No bullshit bank, biggest shit talker, I’m gonna fuck any bitch niggas, y’all know how we fucking get TST man

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