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SZA randomly dropped a brand new song to express some thoughts she had bottled up. On August 22, 2021, SZA released “I Hate You” alongside another track “Joni” on their Soundcloud account. In this article, we dive into the first one, fueled by anger over a love affair that didn’t float.

SZA is gearing up for the release of their second studio album, following a hit debut studio album “Ctrl” in 2017. The follow-up album is long overdue and has seen a few singles such as “Good Days”. and “Hit differently”. The two released Soundcloud songs are expected to be part of the new album.

On “I Hate You”, SZA does not hold back. She is in anger, pain and disgust over a relationship that hasn’t worked out. She misses the sex, the touch, the warmth, and hates the fact that he didn’t turn out to be who she thought he would be. This song is a whirlwind of different emotions.

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SZA “I Hate You” Lyrics Song Meaning And Review

SZA starts strong on the track;

I’m so sick of you niggas you all contradicting

And with the tracking line, we know it’s immersed in a whole bunch of emotions;

I miss myself so much, can you come fuck me?

She is mad at the guy who abandoned her and to make matters worse, she urges him. It is a very moving situation. SZA invites someone to come and fill the void. But she also remembers that an affair wouldn’t do much to her right now.

Because everyone tires her lately; “Treat me like corduroy, wear me out.” Corduroy is a type of cotton used in clothing. When you wear clothes, they wear out. Clever pun from SZA, while staying true to the theme of the song.

Then SZA also gives us a bit of context on what went wrong in their relationship. The constant arguments and his wary eye exhausted him. He wanted to know where she was all the time and it can get tiring very quickly.

All of these emotions keep SZA awake at night and it doesn’t help at all. Despite her anger towards him, she still calls him “baby”. This could be the SZA conversation needed to feel awake at night. She comes and goes – “Lost in our lies.”

Missionary is getting boring, can you change your stance? (Yeah)
Hard to save your soul, you never listen, no (No)

In the last two lines of the second verse, SZA lets us know that she tried to change it for the better but her efforts were in vain. A missionary is a religious person who spreads the word of religion and converts people to their religion. SZA was also on a missionary mission – to change it into something more reliable. The missionary is also one of the most common sex positions and is also considered to be one of the most boring positions. SZA here plays on the two meanings of the word “missionary”.

In the last line of the verse, SZA builds on the above idea. A missionary can only convert someone who listens to him. SZA couldn’t make him a better man because he didn’t listen to a word she had to say. Or maybe he just pretended to listen.

What would I do to make you feel like this?

SZA harbors some anger towards the guy. She wants him to feel the same as she is right now. But she has no idea how she can get there. If he really cared, he would already feel like her. But he kept silent, which says a lot.

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