Summer Walker – Girls Need Love (Remix) Ft. Drake (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

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Once again, Drake touched a life and they will never be the same again. This time around, Drake is launching into Summer Walker’s single “Girls Need Love” for a brand new remix and it’s all kind of sweet!

Up-and-coming artist Summer Walker, 22, was lucky enough to get help from The 6 God AKA Drake. Her single “Girls Need Love” only needed the Drake touch and now it’s blowing up.

How Drake and Summer Walker first met remains a mystery, but our big guess is that Drake saw Summer Walker’s “Peak” cover on his Instagram account.

In the new single “Girls Need Love”, Summer Walker explains that she needs her lover’s attention, time and physical contact. She’s pretty explicit about it, and in Drake’s new verse, he responds.

Listen to the remix below.

In the lyrics of the remix of “Girls Need Love”, the two artists do not refrain from describing their sexual appetites. Summer Walker can be heard singing about sex so well that “I want you to hear me scream, breathe hard. While Drake answers; “Submission, domination / arched back, deep blow, white wine, cannabis smoke, this is my best combination.” These are physical efforts on the theme of Fifty Shades.

As explicit as the lyrics may be, the two artists assume a very moving and passionate rhythm to interpret this song. Drake’s sultry voice makes most of us black out!

Summer Walker, herself, couldn’t contain the excitement as she took to Twitter to post a video of herself dancing to the remix.

Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of these two artists together. What do you think of this collaboration? Leave a comment below.

Summer Walker and Drake ‘Girls Need Love’ Remix Full Lyrics

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