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Adele has achieved huge success with her latest album ’25’. According to official statistics, the album sold over a million copies every week for two consecutive years, which is a feat Taylor’s “1989” couldn’t accomplish. Adele released this album after a few years of hiatus and the craving for Adele’s music almost drove the fans crazy. So when the album’s first single, “Hello” was released along with an incredible music video, the music world was caught in a storm of panic. It was good. Everything was Adele. And she was back, and she’s back on top.

Adele's '25' album cover

Adele’s ’25’ album cover

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“Hello” might not be the most lyrically advanced song. But it has Adele’s voice on it and that makes it so much more appealing and relatable. I was wondering if a breakdown of the lyrics to “Hello” would even be needed, since the song is quite simple, the sentences are simple, and the language is easy to understand. So rather than doing a line-by-line analysis of the lyrics, I prefer to take the whole song and interpret the meaning behind the song. So let’s go.

Meaning of Adele’s song “Hello”

Hello It’s Me
I was wondering if after all these years you would like to meet
To review everything
They say time is supposed to heal you
But I haven’t done much healing

Good morning! Can you hear me?
I’m in California dreaming of who we were
When we were younger and free
I forgot what it was like before the world fell at our feet

There’s such a difference between us
And a million miles

Pay attention to how Adele doesn’t show up, because she doesn’t have to. The person she calls knows her voice very well. It’s a typical opening dialogue of a couple’s phone conversation, except now they’re apart.

They’ve been separated for years, but it looks like Adele hasn’t really moved on. “Time heals everything” is a very beautiful quote, but the sad thing is that it does not apply to everyone. And the weather hasn’t helped Adele either. She tries to reconnect. She wants to go through their timeline and see where it went wrong. But she already knows, we will find out later.

There is no answer on the other end of the phone. Why? Because she’s not actually on the phone with anyone. Adele’s heart speaks. Adele has a conversation with herself and reviews incidents she’s regretted for years.

Adele is in California and it’s a million miles away. Ironically, there is no point on Earth that is a million miles from any other point on Earth. So she talks about the distance he now has in his heart – for all we know he could be right next to Adele and still feel a million miles away. The real reason for their fallout is mentioned as “there is such a difference between us”. There is always a difference between two people. Relationships are more or less about getting around these differences.

Hello from the other side
I must have called a thousand times
To tell you I’m sorry
For everything I’ve done
But when I ever call you
Seems to be home

The differences pushed them into two different worlds and Adele says “Hello” from the other world. As I mentioned above, “the other side” could very well be a small green hedge between two neighboring houses, but in hearts they are on two separate sides.

Again, “calling” is a term of reference for mending the broken relationship. Adele has tried to reach him, but he’s never ‘home’, which means he’s never on the same page with her (which is also in line with the differences she talked about earlier).

hello from outside
At least I can say that I tried
To tell you I’m sorry
To break your heart
But whatever, it’s clear
Don’t tear yourself apart

Adele tries to move on saying she tried and did what she could to fix the relationship, but she knows she’s at fault. Therefore, we can see how she continually says how sorry she is. But her lover has already moved on.

Hello how are you?
It’s so typical of me to talk about me, I’m sorry
I hope you’re well
Have you ever made it out of this town
Where nothing ever happened?

It’s not a secret
that we two
lack of time

A matter of relationship is revealed here. Adele has had to put herself on the pedestal more often than not. I wonder how much time she spent on it. She apologizes now, but it’s a bit too late now. So now she’s trying to ask questions about her life that she’ll never get answered. I think she thinks he’s still single too and running out of time in life. I wonder how she came to that conclusion, unless she nagged him. But it might have to do with them as a couple – running out of time for them to be a couple again. In that sense, Adele is right.

A beautiful repetition of the chorus continues twice more before “Hello” ends in a sad and brooding tone. The whole song has a subdued, sad, and sweet melody, which I think is perfect for the song, and Adele’s voice echoes throughout the song.

What do you think of “Hello”? Leave your opinions about the song or your song meaning suggestions in the comment section below.

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