Sia Releses “Reaper” Co-Produced by Kanye West (Song Meaning, Analysis & Lyrics Review)

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Sia’s incredible vocal talents are showcased in this new single titled “Reaper”. Sia dropped the new track on January 7 (yes, we’re late to analyze it) and her tweet said the song was co-written and co-produced by none other than Kanye West himself. Kanye West had to break out of his usual routine for this track, as “Reaper” has minimal audio effects. Who needs effects with a voice like Sia’s?

“Reaper” is a track from Sia’s upcoming albumIt is to act‘ falling on January 29.

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Listen to the audio before entering the analysis.

Meaning of the song “Reaper” by Sia

I honestly can’t find much deeper lyrical innuendo behind the song meaning of this track. It really looks like Sia wants to live another day. But let’s take a closer look at the lyrics.

Is broken down
I thought I would drown
I hope I have been found
‘Before I hit the ground
The sun is shining out of the corner of my eye, hey…
I saw you cry, I saw you crawl
I saw you sneaking in the shadows of dawn
i feel so strong
I saw you out of the corner of my eye

The first verse speaks of the collapse of the singer. And as she crumbles, hitting the ground hard, falling to her knees, she sees the creeping, imminent death that has come to take her away. And it is only in our most desperate moments that we gain the most courage. Facing death is a strange and encouraging thing. It makes you want to push for another day.

Don’t come for me today
I feel good
I will savor it
Don’t come for me today
I feel good
I remember when

The chorus is a direct address to the “reaper”. Sia is not ready to leave this world. She feels good. It may be related to his personal life at this point. His career is going well. “Reaper” may not have been a chart-topper, but his other songs “Chandelier”, “Bird Set Free” and “My Arena” were all big hits. She says she will savor this new life.

You came to take me
So close I was at the gates of heaven
But no baby, no baby, not today
Oh, you tried to stalk me
You followed me like the darkest cloud
But no baby, no baby, not today
(Reaper) Oh reaper!
(Reaper) Oh no baby, no baby, not today – //

This verse is believed to have been written on a rather personal level for Sia. Sia is believed to have had a swing with drug addiction. Several times she faced the grim reaper and she says Demi Moore saved her lie. Sia says she was so close to Heaven’s Gate – we all know what that means. Death threatened her like a dark cloud raining down a parade. But she has come through this dark phase and is now in a much better place.

It’s kind of funny that Sia calls the reaper “baby”, as if to make fun of him. Or maybe she feels so close to the grim reaper – maybe the grim reaper was present by her side more than anyone else. I’d like to think it’s the latter reason, just for lyrical value.

So come back when I’m ready to go
I’ve got drinks to drink and men to hold
I got good things to do with my life, yeah
Oh I wanna dance in the open breeze
Feel the wind in my hair, hear the ocean sing
I got good things to feel in my life, yeah

Towards the last part of the song, Sia says why she doesn’t want the grim reaper to take her to heaven. She has to live her life to the fullest while she can – she has drinks to drink, men to befriend, dance with, enjoy nature, etc. Quite simply, she has a list of simple things to do – not big fancy things – but just enjoying life, like she hasn’t been able to do anything so far. She is 40 now.

The same verses repeat and the song ends. It’s quite strange to sing about death. But “Reaper” doesn’t make it horrible, scary and ugly. Sia’s sweet melody and amazing voice almost make us forget she’s singing about death. Anyway, this is another beautiful piece of music from Sia.

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