Russ – Paranoid (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

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Georgia-based rapper Russ is wasting no time in 2019 when he released the fourth single of the year titled “Paranoid” on June 6, 2019.

Russ premiered his second studio album “Zoo” in September 2018 and bounced back with brand new singles named “AINT GOIN BACK”, “All I Want” and “Civil War” respectively in 2019. This last song marked the first collaboration . between Russ and producer Boi-1da, who is also credited for producing his new single.

Russ teased the single “Paranoid” on Twitter in May 2019 with a request from his fans to retweet if they wanted the song to come out. Two weeks later, the song comes out.

The new song addresses feelings of paranoia associated with stress. Russ admits that there were times that made him wonder if he was “the next one” on the suicide line. Stress has proven to be a killer, especially in the music industry, as evidenced by deaths such as Avicii, Mac Miller, and even Michael Jackson.

Listen to Russ’s “Paranoid”

In the first verse of “Paranoid”, Russ explains how insecure he has been with his life. He confesses that he has weapons hidden in all four corners of his house just in case of theft. It has CCTV cameras covering every inch of the house, just in case. Russ says his life is threatened by fame and glory and all the darkness that follows them. However, it doesn’t take a foreign hand to pull the trigger if someone is stressed out and paranoid!

The second verse explains how Russ doesn’t have a pause on the thoughts in his head. Some even as brutal as they are criminal. The waves he made in the rap game come back to haunt him. The bigger the waves, the greater his fears.

Let us know what you think of this new song from Russ in the comments below. Where do you think this wave of new music releases will end? A new album, maybe?

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