Russ & BIA – BEST ON EARTH (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)


Russ continues his streak of new singles releases with the all new track “BEST ON EARTH” and this one features the voice of rapper BIA.

“Bes On Earth” is Russ’ 11th single of 2019 and follows his release last month “OLD DAYS”. The song is about pure lust for each other. The two singers talk about their fascination with the other’s body and the carnal relationships between them. There is hardly anything non-sexual about the song’s lyrics, and the clip, released on November 5, compliments the lyrics.

Russ and BIA congratulated Rihanna in the song admiring her tattoos and the Grammy-winning song “Run The Town” with Jay-Z. Rihanna, also applauded on Instagram; “Thank you @bia and @russ for my new favorite song #BestOnEarth”, Rihanna wrote.

Actress and model Bella Thorne also posted a video of herself dancing to the track on Instagram. The song also inspired a new cultural trend and the hashtag #bestonearthchallenge encouraging women to share a video of the best version of themselves.

The music video for “Best On Earth” features Russ and BIA surrounded by models wearing skimpy dresses and lingerie and flaunting all of their curves. A fun fact revealed by BIA, later, is that she was actually soaked in an ice-cold tub for the clip; “Honestly it was really worth it” added it to her Instagram post. Watch the sexy video below.

The song’s chorus is shared by both artists and has a different tone for each of the artists, which is a nice change of pace.

Let us know what you think of this brand new collaboration between Russ and BIA in the comments below. If you have your own #bestonearthchallenge videos, please share them with us for some functionality.

Check out the full lyrics on Genius.

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