Rex Orange County – Sunflower (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

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Alexander O’Connor, better known by his stage name Rex Orange County, premiered the beautiful track “Sunflower” on March 22, 2017. The song quickly recognized the then 19-year-old’s unique talents, which has propelled his career further.

The British artist has already released two studio albums, and the third, titled ‘Pony’, is about to arrive. “Pluto Projector” is his latest release from the 2019 album. However, the track “Sunflower” has not been on any album so far, which in itself is a nice gesture.

“Sunflower” is a song dedicated to Rex’s girlfriend, Thea Morgan-Murrell, with whom Rex lives in London. Rex’s second album, “Apricot Princess”, released in 2017, is also a full dedication to Thea. The title of the album is Rex’s nickname for Thea.

Watch the “Sunflower” music video

The clip shows Rex Orange County presenting two contrasting storylines. For the first half of the video, he appears miserable, demotivated, lonely, and dejected. At one point in the video, it looks like he’s making a conscious decision to change himself and his attitudes. Afterwards, everything seems positive with him and around him. It might hint at his real life and the turning point in his life after meeting his girlfriend.

Rex equaled his girlfriend to a “sunflower,” which symbolizes light, power, and innocence. In the song’s lyrics, Rex confesses his unconditional love for her and questions his existence without her. He doesn’t hesitate to say he’s obsessed with her.

In the intro of the song, Rex clarifies that Thea entered her life at a low point in her life; “Then I fell to the ground. “ Then he continues to sing about how she picked him up and motivated him to keep going. For that, he will cherish his presence forever.

‘Sunflower’ is a flower with special abilities in the realm of flora. This flower traces the movement of the Sun, turning its face towards the Sun moving in the sky. This is done to maximize the supply of sunlight which is essential for the survival of the plant. But this flower not only possesses these magical abilities, but it is also both beautiful and elegant at the same time. Rex readily compares his girlfriend to this flower, which was a beacon of light and a compass in his life.

Let us know what you think of this piece of Rex Orange County. A nice dedication to girlfriend? Or bordering on obsession? Leave a comment below.

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