R. Kelly Drops “I Admit” a 19-Minute Confession of His Sins (Lyrics Review)


R. Kelly shattered the musical silence with an epic 19 minute rap titled “I Admit” that would have been perfect without its theme. In this 8-line ballad, R. Kelly admits many of his sins and allegations that have been made to him over the years. Most fans are not happy with the lyrics of this song.

The most shocking charge of all is said to be that R. Kelly is running a women’s cult – where Kelly keeps 6 women hostage in several of his homes and controls every aspect of their lives – including what they eat, what they eat, what they eat. ‘they wear, when they sleep and how they have sex with him. “I admit” does not seem to confess in this regard.

The song “I Admit” was released in July 2018 and shocked the entire industry as Kelly opens up about multiple sexual misconduct, even with minors.

The famous R n B singer was also charged with 14 counts of child pornography in 2008 and the trial dragged on for 6 years. However, the “Ignition (Remix)” frontman seems to refute these claims as he raps “Not condemned, not arrested, dragged my name through the mud. All that work to be successful, when you abandon me because of what you heard.

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Upon releasing the track, R. Kelly took to social media to caption “Today is the day you’ve been waiting for.” Maybe the singer felt relieved to take all that guilt and stress off the world.

Lyrics review and meaning of the song “I Admit” by R. Kelly

Verse 1

Kelly Kick starts this 19-minute journey by admitting that he has made some mistakes in his life. The following 8 verses are dedicated to the singer unloading his weight from his chest in the form of words.

In the first verse, Kelly starts off slow. He admits he struggled to concentrate at school due to his dyslexia. This may have contributed to his missing classes and eventually dropping out of school. He also admits that he was never a popular kid and that he didn’t have many friends.

Years and years of legal battles have left R. Kelly beaten and injured. Billboard has created a timeline of R. Kelly’s legal battles stretching back to 1994 and up to 2017. This article provides details of his assaults, domestic violence, pedophilia charges, allegations of female worship, and defaults on payments. allowances. All of this had an impact on the singer and he admits that he wants to retire from music altogether.

R. Kelly defines himself as a “gift and a curse”. R. Kelly, being one of the best-selling singers of this era, seems to be quite overwhelmed in his personal life.

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R. Kelly leaves court after child pornography trials (Image source: sky)
Verse 2

In the second verse of “I Admitted”, R. Kelly continues his complaint by starting by saying that he has faults. He then goes on to talk about the mountains of lies he told many women to get them to have sex. The singer also admits to partying, drinking alcohol and smoking to excess. He also relies on the fact that he dropped out of school, reiterating that he is illiterate and “I can’t spell shit.”

Kelly loves God, but in the first verse he confessed to not going to church. His erratic lifestyle of sex and money made his mother cry over him. This is probably what strikes the singer the most as he says “What else can a nigga say?” “

R. Kelly also looks back on a specific night he stayed at the Ritz hotel. That night he slept with the daughter of a friend of his. In the next line, Kelly admits to having slept with his girlfriend’s best friend. He also reveals that this latest incident happened in the back seat of his Mercedes Benz.

andrea kelly domestic abuse rkelly - R. Kelly Drops “I Admit” a 19-Minute Confession of His Sins (Lyrics Review)
R. Kelly with his ex-wife Andrea Kelly (Image source: Consequences of sound)
Verse 3

In the third verse of “I Admit”, R. Kelly tries to justify his faults. He tells how countless managers fucked him for recording deals and his shows got canceled. One such incident is when her performance at the University of Illinois was canceled after hundreds of students and teachers demanded that her act be removed from the concert.

The singer also accuses his lawyers of having made him confess mistakes and pay him compensation for crimes he did not commit. The crime he believes he committed was having “girlfriends”, for whom he thinks the punishment is too harsh and too critical.

R. Kelly talks about his temptations with drugs. All the negativity, hatred, and accusations made him turn to drugs as a temporary escape. He calls the devil “temptation”.

Verse 4

The tone of “I admit” changes in the fourth verse.

In these lyrics, R. Kelly talks about his struggles growing up. He was shot in the shoulder at the age of eleven and it prompted him to toughen up and become a man. Her mother-Joanne died in 1993 from cancer, when R. Kelly was 26 years old.

According to Kelly, all of these bogus claims and interruptions to her music broke her bank. His leaders and lawyers stole his money. But R. Kelly believes he still has his fans, which he finds to be a real blessing.

Even after the release of “I Admit,” a group of fans rallied around Kelly to support him.

Verse 5

In the fifth verse of “I Admit”, R. Kelly discusses his accusations of pedophilia. He admits he’s had sex with a lot of women, both older and younger. However, he is quite adamant about being labeled as a “pedophile”. According to Wikipedia, “pedophiliat is sexual attraction to pubescent children under the age of 13. We do not know if Kelly is arguing here on a technicality of the age. However, any underage girl, under the age of consent, in many countries turning 18, would be considered illegal by law.

R. Kelly is tormented that, just because people believe he is a sex offender, he has been forced into a virtual retirement from music.

Kelly addresses the #MuteRKelly movement that is spreading across the United States in an attempt to remove R. Kelly’s music from streaming platforms after these allegations surfaced. But Kelly harshly tells them that only God can be his judge and that only God can silence him.

R. Kelly also brings up some of his most influential song titles in “I Admit”. He reminds everyone that he is still the person who produced “12 Play”, “Bump N Grind” and “When A Woman’s Fed Up” in the 90s.

The singer also remembers a conversation he had with Wendy Williams, in which the superstar allegedly confessed to all of his accusations with her. The full report is available below.

In August 1994, R. Kelly married future artist Aaliyah at a secret reception. Kelly was 27 and Aaliyah was 15 at the time and she produced false birth certificates to prove she was 18 at the time of the marriage. The marriage was later called off after finding the fake birth certificate.

R. Kelly calls herself a “Broken Ass Legend”. At one point in musical history, Kelly was on the verge of being one of the greatest. However, all of these scandals surrounding his personal life led to the destruction of his music career. Now he tours just to pay his rent.

He really laments the fact that he is currently labeled as “the most disrespectful artist” in music history. And that’s the reason he wrote “Admit”. This song is his attempt to clear things up.

Verse 6

R. Kelly draws from his personal archives in these words. He talks about the sexual abuse he suffered from a close family member as a child. In Kelly’s autobiography, he states;

“I tried to push her away, but she didn’t stop until she was done. When she was, she said, “You better not say shit to anyone or you’re going to get a terrible beating.” “

R. Kelly / The Soulacoaster

In this 6th verse, Kelly also talks about accusations of sex sects he created with young women who are brainwashed and placed under house arrest. Kelly strongly disputes these claims and tells the story of a girl who was abandoned at his concert and he admits that he touched her. He also firmly states that she was not a minor and that she felt it as well. He pushes it like “just some shit that comes from being a celebrity.”

Kelly then reiterates the stories of Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, whose parents put their underage daughters in contact with R. Kelly, under parental supervision, to pursue their musical career. Rumors say that Kelly managed to meet these girls in secret and cut them off from their family altogether.

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Jocelyn Savage would have been a member of Kelly’s cult (Image source: Daily Mail)
Verse 7

In the seventh verse of “I Admit”, R. Kelly disputes the allegations made against him for having led a cult. He admits he may have had too many girlfriends, but he strongly takes issue with brainwashing girls and having strict rules for them. However, Jerhonda Pace, an alleged member of Kelly’s cult came out and spoke about this cult where Kelly was detaining underage women. Pace claims she was 15 when Kelly slept with her.

R. Kelly says he is not a freak for abusing women. He says he likes to entertain women in bed. If the girls like it, he says he’ll call them big names, talk dirty, spank them and pull their hair. All with good intentions.

Kelly tries to compare him with Playboy creator Hugh Hefner. Kelly says that when he died in September 2017, he was also surrounded by dozens of beautiful young women. But people still love him. Kelly wonders why he is being targeted for doing the same thing?

Next, “I Admit” tells of how Kelly was pushed to the ground because of all these costly allegations. There was a point in his life when he had to sell his cars, his houses and couldn’t even get a bank loan. According to WealthyGorilla, R. Kelly’s net worth has grown from $ 150 million a few years ago to $ 1 million in 2019.

Verse 8

In the last verse of this 19-minute extravaganza “I Admitted”, Kelly says he hasn’t given up on hope. He still believes in his fans and the true MVPs who have been supporting him from day one. He emphatically emphasizes that his personal life has nothing to do with his music and that his career should not suffer because of it. It really pains him that the “assumptions” made by people have cost him his entire career.

R. Kelly ends the track with a strong statement: “I have lived my voice and represented my country for 31 fucking years.”

It would be a shame to witness the end of R. Kelly because of “allegations”. However, if we go back to the age-old proverb “there is no smoke without fire”, it is too difficult to dismiss all of these “assumptions” altogether.

Should an artist’s personal life interfere with their musical career? Especially, considering that the music is quite personal for the artist? Let us know in the comments below.

Full lyrics for “I Admit” by R. Kelly

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