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Pop Smoke and Dua Lipa collaborated for the very first time on “Demeanor” and created a classic BOP that we can all cherish for a lifetime. The song was teased as early as 2019, and the clip was released in August 2021.

“Demeanor” is the sixteenth track from Pop Smoke’s second studio and posthumous album, titled “Faith”, after her shooting death in February 2020. This album featured other hits such as “Tell the Vision”, “Woo Baby” and “Bout a million.”

On “Demeanor”, Pop Smoke and Dua Lipa sing about their appearance, their domination and their influence in musical play. The word “attitude” represents the dominant way in which we behave often. Dua Lipa appears in the music video with an animated version of Pop Smoke.

Watch the music video for “Demeanor” by Pop Smoke & Dua Lipa

Pop Smoke “Demeanor” Lyrics Song Meaning and Review


Pop Smoke sings about all the cowardly women he has grown to associate with the massive increase in his success in recent years. “Baba treesha” is slang for an easygoing woman when it comes to sex. The aura of Pop Smoke seems to awaken these women, but Smoke has to be very careful. His demeanor is both attractive and intimidating to most.

Verse 1

In the song’s first verse, Pop Smoke tackles a variety of topics. He talks about the gang violence in the streets which needlessly takes the life of brothers.

You send it a hit, we send it back, all the facts, no cap

He also sings about how the system has pushed them into those situations where a minimum wage of $ 11 an hour won’t do. Instead, they are pushed into violent means to make ends meet. So obviously the cops are chasing them. And this cat and mouse game only ends in one of two ways: the brothers die on the streets or are imprisoned.

Because anyway, mom is always going to love her child

The love of a mother is the greatest strength in this world. No matter how bad her child is, she will always stand up for them.

Pop Smoke also hints at his successful music career as he talks about how he has improved his lifestyle – switching from AirForce 1 shoes to Guccis, upgrading his Timberland boots to Yeezy boosts and diamonds dripping all over him.

Verse 2

Dua Lipa brings her A-game to the vocals and the music video. She portrays an absolutely fearless alpha woman when she sings;

Alpha female and I practice what I preach, I devour

Dua Lipa has been the fantasy of both men and women. The 26-year-old superstar is one of the hottest singers in the business right now. But it is taken. So she sings that everyone can only touch her with their eyes!

At the bridge of the song, Dua Lipa pays homage to Pop Smoke and sings “You can’t say Pop without Smoke.” Dua Lipa Tweeted the same lyrics with a video of Pop Smoke shaking up Dua Lipa’s hit “One Kiss” with Calvin Harris.

The song is definitely a club song and has recently been a radio favorite. Let us know what you think of this song in the comments below. Check out the full lyrics on Genius.

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