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steal my daughter” is the lead single from One Direction’s fourth studio album named “Four“, which was released on November 17, 2014. The hype was so high for this album and I can safely say that the album lived up to expectations.

One Direction - Steal My Girl Artwork

One Direction – Steal My Girl artwork

“Steal My Girl” is a very catchy song. On first listen, I fell in love with the song. The words seemed to flow smoothly, the melody is rhythmic but not too much, the rhythm is very appealing. He’s got the perfect mix of music and he’s got the classic One Direction feel inside. I could say “Steal My Girl” is a classic One Direction song.

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Buy One Direction’s “FOUR” album on iTunes / Amazon

“Steal My Girl” was released as a promotional single on September 29, 2014, and it quickly rose up the music charts. After 12 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, this song is still ranked at 70. It peaked at #12 upon release. So basically it did its job as a promotional single for the “Four” album.

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Stealing my daughter on Billboard Hot 100

Lyrically, “Steal My Girl” doesn’t really impress me. It has a flow and a good mix of words, but the lyrics are quite direct and leave nothing to the imagination. He talks about how the singer has been in love with his daughter since a young age and now that she’s grown up, everyone is looking at her, trying to “steal” her from him. And the singer basically asks them to back off since she’s already with her. This line is quite interesting too;

“I understood everything
Because it’s her
His mama calls me love,
His father calls me son, “

This means that the singer (boyfriend) is basically part of her family. His parents gave them their consent. Nothing prevents them from being together now.

However, these lines are simply direct and direct and a different phrasing of the same old story;

I do not exist
If I don’t have it
The sun does not shine,
The world does not turn,

Therefore, “Steal My Girl” would only earn 6 out of 10 in my opinion.

Watch the official music video for “Steal My Girl”

The music video is also not the most creative work. It’s a typical boy band clip, IMO. If you think otherwise, write it down in the comment section.

Overall, I think “Steal My Girl” was/is a hit song when it comes to One Direction and the new album “Four”. It won’t be an immortal song (I doubt that’s what they were aiming for anyway) and the song did its job successfully.

Kudos also to One Direction for bringing the words to life to form a very catchy song and to songwriters Hector, Wayne Anthony/Drewett, Edward James/Bunetta, Julian/Ryan, John/Tomlinson, Louis William/Payne, Liam James.

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