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“hope ur ok” is the eleventh and final track from Olivia Rodrigo’s 2021 album “Sour”. On the track, Olivia reminisces about some of the friends she had growing up and eventually broke up. She hopes they are well and that they are well.

Olivia Rodrigo has announced her debut studio album ‘Sour’ following the massive success she achieved with her debut single ‘Driver’s License’. She followed up this success with another single “deja vu”. Announcing the new album, she commented “alsoooooo if *cked around and made an album. i’m so proud of it.

In an interview with MET07, Olivia Rodrigo explained the idea behind the song; “One of the songs on the album, which is called ‘Hope ur ok’, is written from my friends’ point of view. I don’t really know some of the people I’m talking about in the song. But there are stories [in it] that I had accumulated from different friends, so stuff like that I do all the time.

Listen to Olivia Rodrigo’s “I hope you’re okay”

“Hope You’re Alright” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, Olivia remembers a boy he knew when she was little. He comes from a religious family. But they were too religious for all the wrong reasons. They were more strict than loving. He grew up a conservative child Olivia lost touch with him. She hopes he is well.

Verse 2

In the second verse, she remembers her college friend who lived alone. Maybe her parents left her when she was little and she even took care of her brother.

Olivia sings that the main reason for their estranged relationship was because of who she loved. She might like a boy her family didn’t approve of. Or more likely, she was in love with a girl and her parents didn’t approve of an LGBTQ+ relationship.

Olivia knew her friend was tired of life, being an outcast of her own family. For her, the family was only blood and nothing else. However, Olivia is so proud of her friend for learning to unlearn all the hate she received growing up. Olivia has lost contact with her, but she hopes she’s okay now.


A butterfly with holes in its wings is useless. He cannot fly, which is his only purpose. Olivia sings that nothing in life is as neat as it sometimes seems. Everyone has holes. Life is not perfect. Life is what you make of it. It’s what you make of it at the end, not what you were handed.

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