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Just a week before the release of her first studio album, Olivia Rodrigo released another track from her album. This one is called “good 4 u” and will probably come out with a brand new clip. The song is about Olivia trying to cope with the fact that her ex-lover passed away so quickly from their relationship.

Olivia Rodrigo has announced her debut studio album “Sour” following the massive success she achieved with her debut single “Driver’s License”. She continued this success with another single “deja vu”. Announcing the new album, she commented “alsoooooo si * cked around and made an album. I’m so proud of it.

Take out the song, Olivia Rodrigo share the inspiration behind the lyrics and the music video; “It’s a super scary song inspired by some of my favorite pop punk bands. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album and I really hope you like it. Oh, and there’s a music video for that too. My friend Petra Collins realized it. We wanted to pay homage to the iconic feminist camp horror films that we love. “

In the clip, the last part, Olivia channels the cult movie “Jennifer’s Body” where Megan Fox immerses herself in a lake looking straight at the camera with killer eyes.

Olivia Rodrigo channels Jennifer Body movie
Megan Fox in “Jennifer’s Body” (Image: filmofilia.com)

Watch the music video for “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo

“good 4 u” Lyrics Meaning and review of the song

Verse 1

Straight to business at the very beginning of the song as Olivia Rodrigo sings about how she doesn’t agree so easily with her ex-lover who goes by so easily. Apparently, it only took a few weeks for him to find a new girlfriend and get comfortable with her. Meanwhile, Olivia still wonders if their relationship really meant anything. She remembers that he had promised her the whole world and that those words finally vanished. The singer can only hope that he will be a better person for his new girlfriend. How authentic is it? We are not sure!


In the chorus of the song, Olivia sings that she is happy for him and it is good for him that he was able to find happiness so early. He looks happy and healthy while she is still crying. Olivia is still recovering and the guy is living his life.

Verse 2

In the second verse, we learn more about this guy. His career took off and above all he bought a new car. It has serious links with Olivia’s first worldwide hit, “Driver’s License”. In this song, she sings about how she got the driver’s license because she wanted to drive with him around town. So he didn’t have a license or a car. Olivia also learns that he has already moved on when she got her driver’s license by having her drive on her own. On “good 4 u” we learn that he has a new car which also means that he now has his own driving license. So he’s already doing things for the new girl that he didn’t do for Olivia. It must hurt !


In these words, Olivia does not know if it is her who has the problem. She wonders if she’s being overly emotional or moving on quickly, which is what everyone does these days. Maybe apathy or a lack of feelings for each other is the new normal. Who knows!

Is it only us that “good 4 u” gives serious vibes to Avril Lavinge?

It is clear that Olivia Rodrigo has not finished with the hymns of emotional breakdown since her first outing. What do you think of the song? Let us know in the comments below. Check out the song’s full lyrics on Genius.

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