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“brutal” is the first track from Olivia Rodrigo’s 2021 album “Sour”. The song delves into all the struggles of youth that almost everyone goes through. So this song is the one we can all relate to.

Olivia Rodrigo has announced her debut studio album ‘Sour’ following the massive success she achieved with her debut single ‘Driver’s License’. She followed up this success with another single “deja vu”. Announcing the new album, she commented “alsoooooo if *cked around and made an album. I’m so proud of it.

In the song, Olivia Rodrigo revisits the idea that ‘youth’ is the best days of our lives before ‘life’ hits us in the face. But, life also strikes when you are young. We eliminate it quickly. However, in the age of technology and social media, you tend to attract more heartache possibilities which can be harder to eliminate.

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“brutal” Meaning of the lyrics and review of the song

Throughout the song, Olivia Rodrigo gets brutally honest about all the insecurities she faces. Although she is a global superstar, she still feels the need to receive validation from the people around her. She tells us how she watches the news every day to see what other people are saying about her. If being an actress in “Highschool Musical: The Musical: The Series” wasn’t enough, she’s now a record-breaking singer. So we are focusing a lot more on his life right now. And that adds a lot more pressure.

Olivia also sings that she is fed up with her adolescence, especially her seventeen years. It was the age when she lost the love of her life that inspired her multi-platinum single “driver’s license”. She wonders where her teenage dream is. It’s also a reference to Katy Perry’s mega-hit “Teenage Dream” from 2010.

Olivia is surrounded by people who say these are the golden years of her life right now. But, surprisingly enough, she doesn’t see what they mean. She has all the problems in the world (except for money) and she is still worried about her future.

Because I like the people I don’t like
And I hate every song that I write
And I’m not cool, and I’m not smart
And I can’t even parallel park

Can’t we all relate to these words? We have had similar experiences at some point in our lives.

Adolescence is perhaps the most carefree day of our lives. But that doesn’t mean some people struggle through them. And the worst is yet to come!

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