Old Friend

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Mm-mm, mm-mm, uh

Strong mind where the body could not get asylum
The cost of living is high, don’t cross the picket line and catch the virus
Wildcat got ’em in a bind, stay inside
I know I came out of the thicket smiling

Mad hatters styling every line, regardless of the ten of five
They start hacking when they can’t shrink us
I found the middle in a little balance
cabin fever
I knew where we were going
I don’t count blessings, I sure shit could measure
Blinkin’ for some workable methods to set you free
I split it with my hand like Cigarill’s
Oil slick in a fish gill

I fill a void with the pen, feel fear, shrill
A few stains that I couldn’t protect
My brother, Brain, that we couldn’t protect
The couple came, the couple left again
And what remains of the wolves, nothingness

I held the page, gave ears to the book
Whispered “Thank you”, damn pain, heavy rain in the Catskills
I played in the shade, not bad, glad we stayed friends

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