Nicki Minaj Drops “Bust Down Barbiana” Remix Over Blueface’s “Thotiana” Beat: Listen

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Nicki Minaj has released her latest remix and there is some juicy news about it. The Barbie personified rapper released the remix of “Bust Down Barbiana” to the beat of Blueface’s hit “Thotianain February 2018. What’s more interesting is that Blueface had teased a remix of “Thotiana with Nicki’s rival in the industry, Cardi B. Nicki jumped on the band wagon first as a slap to Cardi?

In the new “Bust Down Barbiana” remix, we hear the rapper talk about her career successes. Nicki appears to be screaming Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” in this remix. Ariana Grande took to Twitter to say that “there will never be anything but love between us, never” after sarcastic rumors about the mention started coming out.

A much nicer change of pace was to hear “Bop one dot dothey one dot dot oh,” a clip from Nicki’s 2010 hit “Your Love”. The next line is a quick follow up saying she’s been on top since!

Nicki Minaj apparently addresses her contestants, calling them “sloppyana,” “copyana,” “sticky-ana,” and “jellyana,” which don’t all mean good things besides blacksmithing skills.

Listen to the remix of Nicki Minaj’s “Bust Down Barbiana”

Last week Nicki Minaj released two more remixes “Barbie Goin Bad” and “Barbie Drip”, both dedicated to establishing her queen status. The first track is a sample of the track “Going Bad” by Nicki’s ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill. Nicki also teased that her fifth studio album was all done on the new episode of “Queen Radio” last week.

Looks like more new music is on the way from Nicki in 2019 and we’re so ready!

Leave a comment on this Nicki remix. Who do you think this song is for?

Nicki Minaj’s “Bust Down Barbiana” Full Lyrics

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