New HOT Collab “I’m Back” by J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar & Eminem (Lyrics Review)


A lot of mysteries surround this new trendy piece that has surfaced on the internet today. The dreamlike remix hit the internet and took Hip Hop fans in shock. There hadn’t been any gossip about such a collaboration before this day and this remix hasn’t even officially released yet. So listen to this fiery new collaboration before it’s deleted.

“I’m Back” by J. Cole with Kendrick Lamar and Eminem

The single work suggests that “I’m Back” is a track by J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar and featuring Marshall Mathers. It’s a bit like THE Hip Hop / Rap collaboration of our generation.

J. Cole begins the song;

Who dates
Who dates
The nigga you been waiting for
I mean the shit was all bad a week ago
Rappers just bullshit, fuck I don’t hate
Cause now I got a * gga high enough to fuck with one of Satan’s bitches
Because you can’t tell the difference …

He keeps spitting out hot lyrics to a classic hip hop beat. The flow is quite astonishing and J. Cole has his pieces of the verse and the chorus.

Chorus of “I’m Back” by J. Cole

Got my finger on the trigger, tell niggas, hold that
Boy I’m perfect baby you can check the Kodak
Hey I’m a young black man living my life on the run
Bet your last fucked up dollar

Shortly after the chorus ends, Eminem’s voice emerges from the music and he takes over.

It’s my ideas, it’s my sweat and my tears
It’s shit that I saw with my balls, my ears
It’s me who has to beat, what you see on TV
What you hear on CD, you want to be like EZ…

Eminem continues to deliver kickass lines that are in perfect sync with the pace he’s been delivering. Eminem’s verses last 1 minute continuously until J. Cole intervenes with the chorus, then comes Kendrick Lamar on “I’m Back”.

I earned this money with my hard cock
I know why I say I say ‘f * ck all yall’
Or “f * ck this world” or “I’m gonna fuck that girl”…

I will complete the lyrics once perfect and complete lyrics are available. In the meantime, we have to depend on ourselves. If you have a better understanding of the lyrics or a good annotation to the lyrics available, please comment below and we’ll update the article as much as possible.

We think “I’m Back” is a great piece of music by three of the industry’s biggest artists, and we can’t wait to hear more official news on the release of this track. I hope this track will come in an album so that we can enjoy it properly on our music players.

If we happen to discover more information on this trail, we will keep you posted on this page and you can contribute as well.

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