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Mr. Miyagi Lyrics

Live performance lyrics

[Intro: Future]
Pluto, yeah
Yeah yeah (AyoAA)

[Chorus: Kanye West & Future]
Hey miss, I’m your Mr. Miyagi
I come hit it in the Balenciagi’

Don’t text me in the morning, bae, I’m groggy (Yeah)
Text me, no FaceTime, I’m too groggy

[Verse 1: Future & Playboi Carti]
Yeah-yeah, with my niggas, a Patek is an M (Yeah, yeah)
I’m about to put a little bitch in a movie (Yeah, yeah, what?)
I can take off in the air, I can’t see it (Yeah, yeah)
‘Boutta kick it before I competition (Yeah, yeah, what?)
I brought a chick, I’m ahead of my time (Yeah, yeah)
Got a Chanel coat and they bought a new one (Yeah, yeah)
They ain’t with me, one of a kind (Yeah, yeah)
Real niggas know me for a while

[Verse 2: Kanye West & Playboi Carti]
She said, “Tuck it in”, fuck it then
You’re gonna have to tuck it in (What?)
You’re gonna wear the boots, B
I can suffer, you are a thief
I’m like, “Not these boots, I need the knee high ones”
I don’t fuck with niggas tweets
I don’t need therapy
Bump-bump, I get money, uh, I don’t- uh, really bump-bump
I don’t wanna fuck, I’m going one-on-one
We gon’ turn it up, turn it up, I’m getting dumb, dumb
[?] ‘fore I bang ’em, bang ’em

[Verse 3: Playboi Carti & Future]
Rockstars for us Limo, denim jacket ho, bitch
I might catch a jet to Calabasas just to fuck my old female dog (wow)
Push on an opp, be on that stupid shit
Homixide in the club, yeah, they on some dumb shit
I just fucked up the function, I just fucked up (Woah)
I just fucked the function, I just fucked it

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