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“Kolors” is the biggest hit from Zero Fatigue collective members Monte Booker and Smino to date, again, thanks to the popular micro-video platform TikTok. The song was a major wave on TikTok with over 5.8 million videos posted by fans dancing to the song.

“Kolors”, an obvious derivative of the word “colors”, is a celebration of the different colors associated with our lives. The song associates different colors with different moods that we straddle every day and in our relationships.

The Monte Booker and Smino collaboration, “Kolors” released January 1, 2015, from Booker’s 2015 album “Soulection White Label: 016”. However, the power of social media has revived the song to an unprecedented height that she, or the artist, had never seen before.

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Meaning of “Kolors” lyrics and review of the song


Right from the pre-chorus itself, the song’s intentions are very visible. He sings about the purple trees and the brown color within himself. Brown is a reference to the actual color of her skin. He describes his hair as yellow and curly.

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The singer meets a Californian girl, and she’s the perfect piece of quirk. She’s bisexual by nature, which Booker says he’s okay with.


Other color-related emotions follow. “Blue” is a color associated with blues, sadness and depression. This Californian girl says she felt sad when her “boo” left her, and her “boo” is a girl too. She says she got played by her. But now she’s like F her, because she’s moving on.


In the single line of “Kolors”, the artists sing about searching for different hoots on their journey through life. Smino says that since he left St. Louis, his hometown, things haven’t been so black and white. Black and white is considered dull, tasteless, and boring. However, black and white had clear contrasts. Life in color is perhaps not so clear, so many blurs and so many gradients.

Which version of the world is the best? Color or black and white? Let us know in the comments below. Check out the full lyrics and breakdown of meaning on Genius.

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