“Mi Gente” Gets the Beyonce Touch, Listen to the New Remix


J Balvin and Willy Williams made a mega hit with “Mi Gente” in June 2017. The song was super catchy and the video lived up to it. As of now, the music video for “Mi Gente” has totaled over 890 million views on YouTube alone. The track climbed to No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and the second highest in recent history by a non-English chart song, after “Despacito”.

The dance-tastic song has a new twist with Beyonce’s vocals and the song is a lot cooler now. Beyonce has released this remix + a new clip to benefit hurricane victims, so be sure to purchase a copy of this remix.

Toda mi gente mueve
Mira el ritmo como los tiene
Hago music that maintains
El mundo our quiere, our quiere
Y me quiere a mí

All my people are moving
See how the beat got them
I make music that entertains
The world loves us
and he loves me

Listen to the remix of Beyonce’s “Mi Gente”

Buy the “Mi Gente” remix on iTunes and Amazon

The clip is a compilation of homemade dance videos and it looks very refreshing. All seem to get into the rhythm of “Mi Gente” and all the ladies and gentlemen go out of their way. I love the clip.

Beyonce screams at areas where she donates aid in song;

Uplift your people
From Texas, Puerto Rico
Dem ‘Islands in Mexico (Freeze)

Verse 3 on the “Mi Gente” remix is ​​made by Beyonce:

I gave birth to these enemies because I am fertile
See those double C’s on that bag, murda
I want my double D in her bed, Serta
If you really love me make an album about me say it

Beyonce says she inspired so many people who hate her and they give her life in return. Again, in the celebrity world, all publicity is good publicity.

“Doubles Cs” is a reference to Coco Chanel products which are luxury and high-end fashion accessories.

And Beyonce doesn’t forget to yell at her husband, Jay-Z, asking him to make a scrapbook about her to show her love. It can actually happen at some point.

Final verdict: We are in love with the “Mi Gente” remix. Is it better than the original? It’s up to you and comments are open for discussion. Also share this article if you enjoyed the song and the review.

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