Members Only Drops ‘XXXTentacion Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4’ Album (Tracklist, Features, Lyrics)

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Seems like there was more music from XXXTentacion after the rapper’s death than during his career when he was alive. X released his third studio album and posthumous debut album titled ‘Skins’ in December 2018, 5 months after the rapper’s fatal shootout in Florida. The latest project is from the South Florida rapper collective “Members Only” formed by XXXTentacion. The remaining members have taken steps to release the fourth volume in their album series on the occasion of what could have been XXXTentacion’s 21st anniversary on January 23, 2019.

The new album is titled ‘XXXTentacion Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4 ‘is a true tribute to the late rapper and friend XXXTentacion. There are many solo tracks from X, as well as collaborations with members and affiliate groups. Members Only member Craig Xen AKA Lil Xen first confirmed the upcoming album on July 1, 2018.

A close friend of X and an affiliate of Members Only-DJ Scheme has confirmed that “Skins” will not be the last of X’s albums in November 2018. Since then, various members of the collective have teased the upcoming album on different occasions. day.

Affiliate acts of “members only”

These artists worked on ‘Members Only, Vol. Compilation album 4 ‘: XXXTentacion, Bass Santana, Coolie Cut, rawhool mane, Kin $ oul, Craig Xen, Ski Mask the Sump God, Flyboy Tarantino, KiD TRUNKS, ratchet roach, Robb Bank $, Reddz, Bhris, absentwill, TankHead666, Killstation, KidWay, ikabodVEINS and Corey.

Tracklist of the album ‘Members Only, Vol. 4’

  1. Introduction of Corey – Corey
  2. Nothing – Craig Xen, Cooliecut & Killstation
  3. Sauce! (MOV4) – XXXTENTACION
  4. Filled with gasoline! – XXXTENTACION, Bass Santana, Kin $ oul, KiD TRUNKS & Flyboy Tarantino
  5. Plottin ‘- KiD TRUNKS, Flyboy Tarantino & Robb Bank $
  6. Choose your poison – TankHead666 & ikabodVEINS
  7. Falling In Love With Death – Bass Santana, Kin $ oul & Coolie Cut
  8. Love Hard, Fall Quick – Flyboy Tarantino & Craig Xen
  9. Now or Never – Craig Xen, Flyboy Tarantino & KidWay
  10. Cold Weather – Craig Xen, Cooliecut & Killstation
  11. Touch Eem Body – XXXTENTACION, Bass Santana, Kin $ oul & Reddz
  12. Jahseh on My Wrist – Bass Santana, Flyboy Tarantino, KiD TRUNKS & Craig Xen
  13. He Diddy! – Ski Mask the Slump God
  14. You Are Not MO – Bass Santana, Kin $ oul, Robb Bank $, Bhris & absentwill
  15. Make Eem run! – Bass Santana, XXXTENTACION & Ski Mask the Slump God
  16. Proud puppy lover! – Craig Xen
  17. Woah (Freestyle) – KiD TRUNKS
  18. Members only! – TankHead666, ratchet roach, Coolie Cut, KiD TRUNKS, Flyboy Tarantino, Craig Xen, SB, Kin $ oul, Bass Santana & rawhool mane
  19. Radar – Ratchet Cockroach, Robb Bank $ & Bass Santana
  20. Hi Wendy! – XXXTENTACION, Bass Santana, Kin $ oul, KiD TRUNKS & Flyboy Tarantino
  21. Over the Rainbow – Kin $ oul, Cooliecut & rawhool mane
  22. Red Pills (Love in the Matrix) – Coolie Cut & Kin $ oul
  23. Vide – Cooliecut, Craig Xen, Ski Mask the Slump God & Kin $ oul
  24. Renaissance (2016) – XXXTENTACION & Killstation

This 24 track album contains some very impressive verses from Members Only crooners. They talk about a wide range of topics in the album; more particularly about the late friend X. Songs such as “Jahseh On My Wrist” are entirely dedicated to the memory of X.

Other songs touch on vivid topics like luxury, fame, depression, life, style, music, love and rivalry.

- Members Only Drops ‘XXXTentacion Presents: Members Only, Vol. 4’ Album (Tracklist, Features, Lyrics)
The album cover art for ‘Members Only, Vol. 4 ‘(

‘Members Only, Vol. Meaning of album illustration 4 ‘

The cover of this new album contains a much deeper meaning. The artwork shows a dead tree with deep roots and several people surrounding the dead branches of the tree. There is a movement similar to a reddish heartbeat at the base of the tree. This is an obvious reference to the “Members Only” group.

The dead tree represents XXXTentation – its roots run deep in this group. The heartbeat represents X’s influence on the group, keeping them alive even though the rapper has passed away. The people circling around the dead twigs of the tree are the existing members of the group.

X’s presence is felt on 6 of the album’s 24 tracks, and there is no way to predict whether more posthumous releases of X songs are possible.

Listen to ‘XXXTentacion Presents: Members Only, Vol. Album 4 ‘

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The album released today is already making big waves on streaming sites.

Leave us your thoughts on this new album from XXXTentacion and its Members Only team in the comments below. What’s your favorite song from the tracklist?

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