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“Astronaut in the Ocean” earned Australian rapper Masked Wolf his first Billboard Hot 100 entry after a year of release in 2019. The song sits at No. 10 on the US charts, its best ever on the charts. charts, and # 10 in the UK and # 4 in Australia.

The song was originally released in June 2019 and did not achieve much commercial success. However, after its re-release in January 2021, the song exploded around the world. The reissue was accompanied by a video clip.

At first glance, an “astronaut in the ocean” may seem like an absurd statement. An astronaut belongs to space, not the ocean. But that’s the whole premise of the song – telling a story of struggling to find your place in this world.

On YouTube, Masked Wolf explained the meaning of the lyrics;

I have a lot of people who ask me “what made you write Astro… what is it?” The art of music is that it means one thing to me but so many other things to others… for me it was knowing that I was traveling like an astronaut but I didn’t ‘was not where I wanted to be… I wanted to be in space… I wanted to do what astronauts do… me saying I’m in the ocean means I felt like I was somewhere where I wasn’t didn’t belong… but I knew I was about to find myself as an artist and get the recognition I wanted from people about my music .. also “what you know about rolling in the depths actually meant what do you know about being depressed in life and depressed .. i was saying sort of .. were you similar to me and in my spare time? have you been in the rough and the trenches .. some people also say why the video isnt in the ocean .. well because i found my place in the world .. i know who i am with my music now .. so i’m not in the ocean .. i’m now in space .. where i belong … 2021 is going to be even greater peace

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“Astronaut in the Ocean” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


In the song’s chorus, Masked Wolf asks his fans if they’ve ever been to a dark place. “Hit rock bottom” is a reference to his mental state of depression and anxiety. It is also a reference to Adele’s hit single “Rolling in the Deep” from 2010.

Masked Wolf remembers what it is like to experience depression as if your brain is not working at all. The brain is the organ responsible for logic and reasoning in our body. It is also the organ that decodes all the sensory information that we receive from those around us. So when the brain starts going crazy, your whole world goes crazy. There is no longer any reign over your horse thereafter. It is a scary place.

When it all starts to hit hard, he completely questions his existence. He says he feels like an astronaut, a highly skilled and specialized person. But he is so far from his place in this world. He’s in the ocean drowning.

Masked Wolf also says it doesn’t help his mental state when everyone starts talking nonsense about him. He realizes that he cannot silence everyone. So he chooses to cut off the channels where he gets such crude information.

Verse 1/2

In the two verses of the song, Masked Wolf delves into different ideologies to which he adheres. He says he lives by God and has no time for women who try to play with him. “THOT” is short for “that hottie over there,” Internet slang for sexy women.

Despite his good selections, he still endures psychological distress all the time. Perhaps his expectations in the music industry were too high for himself. Perhaps smaller successes in his career before “Astronaut in the Ocean” took a toll on his mental health. If so, the success of this song should help ease his pain. In his explanation above, Masked Wolf mentioned that he has now found his place in this world! A rare happy ending!

In the song’s second verse, he also screams at Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 single “Swimming Pools (Drank)”.

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