LyricsUnder Control (feat. Hurts)


I can’t sleep, keep waking you up Without the woman next to me Guilt is burning, inside it hurts

It’s not a feeling I can keep So blame him for the ni-ii-ight don’t blame me, blame the ni-ii-ight I don’t blame him Don’t blame me Can’t you see ? I was manipulated by it Too small to the bottom Mmh, I had no choice I was a friend she missed She needed me to talk Blame it on me Blame it on the ni-ii-ight Ne Don’t blame it on me, don’t blame me on the ni-ii-ight on me So blame it on the ni-ii-ight Don’t blame it on me, don’t blame it on me Don’t blame it on me Oh, I am so sorry so sorry baby be better this time i will be better this time i will) oh i have to say (oh i promise i will be better this time i will) so sorry) oh i will promise (I’ll be better this time, I’ll be better this time)

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