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It was a year younger When all our shadows were gone The animals inside came out to play

I faced all of our fears I learned our lessons through tears I made memories that we knew would never fade One day my dad said to me “Son, don’t Don’t let go “say” When you get old Your wild heart will live younger Think of me if you ever get scared “He said:” One day you will leave this world So live a life you will remember “My father told me when I was just a kid “These are the nights that never die” My dad told me When thunder clouds start to fall Light a fire they can’t put out Don’t give up your life, I will guide you home, no matter where you are “One day, my father, he said to me” Son, don’t let him go “When I was a child, I heard him say” When you are older, your wild heart will live younger. Think of me if ever you are afraid “He said:” One day you will leave this world. embers “My father told me when I was a child” These are the nights who never die “My father told me “These are the nights that never die” My father told me My father told me

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