LyricsThe Golden Age (Radio Edit)


Heard my girlfriend was between someone else’s legs Heard she was back in town with a big black guy What I need right now is drugs and drugs pills and my mother

I’m gonna drive to find that fuckin’ bgo Well I keep on, I keep on going at light speed And I keep dreaming, dreaming of you by my side, I can decide for us, you know I’m a leader It’s the golden age of love, I’ll prove it, baby I’ll take care of your man in front of you in the mirror will shine like your golden tears Well, I carry on, carry on The speed of the light And I keep dreaming, dreaming You by my side Because I live Because I live Because I live And I’m leaving, we made a deal Is it fate or is it real? Now you disappear, is it real? Is it something you can’t feel? Because I live

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