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Santa, just slip a sable under the tree for me, I’ve been a really good girl

Santa hurry up the fireplace tonight Santa Claus A 54 convertible too, light blue I’ll be waiting for you dear baby Santa, so hurry up the fireplace tonight Think about all the fun I’ve missed Think to all the guys i haven’t kissed next year i could be this good If you check out my christmas santa list i want a yacht and really that’s not much i’ve been an angel all year long Santa, so hurry down the chimney tonight dear Santa Claus One little thing I really need the act To a platinum mine Santa baby, so hurry down in the fireplace tonight Cute Santa Claus Fill my stocking with a duplex and checks Sign your X on the cute Santa line, and hurry up the fireplace tonight Come and prune my Christmas tree With decorations bought from Tiffany I really believe in you Let’s see if you believe in me Santa Claus I forgot to mention a little cho se, a ringtone I don’t wanna say on the phone Santa, so hurry up the fireplace tonight Hurry up the fireplace tonight Hurry tonight

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