LyricsSad Girlz Luv Money Remix…


Kali Uchis Oh there are dollars everywhere

Dollar, dollar bills, yeah Dollar, dollar bills (Kali) Yeah you stared at me money on me it’s amazing In the Range Rover I race Me and your nigga let’s always date I don’t wanna talk I dance, dance I don’t need fake love, no I don’t need one I don’t need a favor I know my time will come, just me and my makeup, I’m gonna do the paper, I’m gonna do the paper, I’m gonna make dollar bills, I’m gonna get paid, yeah Damn, I’m gonna get paid, yeah, I wanna get paid, yeah, give- me just my mula-la-la. , yeah, just give me my mula-la-la I really like to party, I really like to party it’s obvious in my dance, the moonwalk like Michael Jackson I really like your body, I really love your body i don’t know why you hide it, i want to see you behind me you know you must not lie to me, yo quiero feel inside of me Todo el día imaginándote, lo quiero pa ‘mí to ′ La noche And you know I I don’t need favors You know I don’t need fake love I’m that bitch on and off for the cameras Type of bitch few people can handle And I walk as if I knew my dangerous pussy Speaking like my words are made of angel dust When I whisper to you in a few languages ​​Lo que quiero, papi, es besos en la espalda pues Como 100 millón de besos todo el día It’s the only one thing that me da alegría Sabes que yo quiero hacerte cosas sucias Y quemarte con estas caricias Tu lengua en todo mi cuerpo Cuando te rmines, te quedas por dentro Tu lengua en todo mi cuerpo Y cuando terminates te quedas por dentro Fuck you the sea, I’m gonna get paid, yeah I wanna get paid, yeah, just give me my mula-la-la Fuck him camp i’m gonna get paid yeah i’m gonna get paid yeah just give me my mula-la-la i’m really ke to party i really like your body i really wanna get naughty i think you you’re such a hot bitch Slow dance at the party, oh yeah we’re making money Book a flight to Miami, baby, take me to the country Why you wanna be like Leo? Like you don’t like me please, oh Like you don’t spend money, oh Like you don’t eat my pussy it’s true if the money goes up, say yeah, yeah, yeah

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