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Tonight, let’s live in the moment, don’t think about anything

Just enjoy the night my friend Oh, tonight (oh, tonight) Time is frozen You got no hands to watch Don’t worry about the clock Your doubts, live in the moment Lose yourself , get lost On your marks, get lost now, get lost Party like a rock star, get lost Sometimes you gotta let it go (you gotta get lost) Now get lost, get lost Tonight Let’s surrender the beautiful Leave your stress behind Operate with a clear mind Oh, tonight (oh, tonight) You can lose control Don’t waste a good time With all these worries on your mind Tomorrow ain’t, promise so You might too alright let it go Lose all your doubts, live in the present Get lost, get lost On your marks, go now, get lost it’s alright (gotta let it go) And leave it all on the floor Ready ready to go now, get lost, get lost pink for the effect pink DDD-Diamonds on my neck for the link effect And I was wondering if I could sync Lips on that You know my name ring (ding!) ring tinkerbells WWW-Watch (Check!) Chain (Check!) They’re in the rain (Check!) I’m on the move, they reach but they can’t catch I’m with the baddest female dog on the island stylish Black Miley Cyrus, saying hello to the pirates I sing them ballads when he throws my salad When I pet my parrot, all you see are colored carrots I sing to them ballads when he toss my salad When I stroke my parrot all you see is colorful carrots Rockstar get lost Sometimes you gotta let it go party like a rockstar) Sometimes you gotta let it go (you gotta let go) And leave it all on the floor and yourself

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