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(DD-Daytrip took it at ten, hey) Baby back, ayy, some racks, ayy

Some Grammys on him Some plaques, ayy It’s a fact, ayy Throw it back, ayy, throw it back, ayy, yeah Then I did it again, yeah I told you a long time ago on the road I had what they expect really rooted for me anyway When I get back to the top I wanna hear you say he ain’t leaking nothing dog Take your soldiers tell them that the break is over (uh) Need to, uh, need to make this album Need some numbers one Need a plaque on every song Need me like one with Nicki now Tell a rap nigga I can’t see you ( hah) I’m a pop nigga like Bieber (hah) I ain’t fuckin ‘bitches, I’m queer (hah) But these niggaz bitches like Madea, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy (yeah) Oh, let’s go, I don’t fall, I don’t let go of my new shit I blew up, now everybody’s trying to chase me You call me Nas, but the neighborhood calls me Doobie And this one’s for the champions I haven’t lost since I started, yeah It’s funny how you said it was the end, yeah So I went back, yeah I told you a long time ago on the road j got what they waited for (I got what they waited for) I’m not running from nothing, dog Take your soldiers, tell them I’m not keeping a low profile (Bitch, I’m not running from nowhere ) for me anyway (ooh, ooh) When I’m back on top I wanna hear you say (ooh, ooh) (yeah) My track record is so clean they were eager to hit me, I gotta become too flashy, you shouldn’t have let the world gas me (woo) It’s too late cause I’m here to stay and these girls know I’m mean (mmm) I got it sent back to her boyfriend with my handprint on his ass City talkin ‘, we take notes Tell them all to keep the posts I wish he could, but he can’t come near OG so proud of me that he’s choking while he’s not doing I’m the type that you can’t control i said i would, so i did it to keep the rumors alive (ayy) where’s your sense of humor? (Ayy) I finished making jokes because they got old like baby boomers I turned my enemies into consumers, I make vets feel like they are juniors (juniors) Say your time is coming soon, but just like Oklahoma (mmm) Mine is coming earlier (mmm) I’m just a late bloomer (mmm) I didn’t make it to the top in high school, I’m still here getting cuter ( woo) All these social networks and computers I made those pussies walk I told you a long time ago on the road that I got what they wait (I have what they wait) Lying low soldiers, tell them the break is over (yeah) I’m the industry baby, mmm I’m the industry baby, yeah

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