LyricsI’M ON ONE (feat. Drake)


Wait, wait, it’s that bitch (Torey, I know what to do with it) It’s that gas, that world high

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m on a, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m on a, I’m on a Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m on a, I’m on a My Lil’ one smashed the clip and threw his arm out of place We’re too rich to worry about a murder case Talking about yourself is the only way to escape Call me Michael Phelps for swimming in your face Pop it so I can focus, count this cake Skin it, but my pockets are out of shape ATL all California car plates Fight for me, they gon’ get it Four Tray gangsters, they gon’ get it ‘get psychotic about it ain’t just rap Shoot robberies in this we ain’t just trapping If another body goes down the feds just might snatch me Man down I’ll be down abroad when it happens. in the loft, I apply pressure on the ground, John Madden hundred thousand sucked sealed, I just stack it Finessing is a sport, caught me a yellow like Fabolous Four-twenty-five, two stone, damn it clarity I’m on one, I’m on one, yeah Hold up, slow down, hold up, catch up (catch up) I’m on one, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I’m on one, I I’m on one, I got one other type of built body I hate being in my feelings, I hate twenty dollar bills We’re too famous not to work out, no, for real I never lived up to my record label , I never knew the deal Said she wanted to see the world and she’s tired of sitting around I’m still gonna take her to Paris, she on that Ferris wheel Take her to Cristiano, her in that Ferris wheel Benz Viano Champions League, there will be a driver for you at the finish When I finally see you, all I want to see is hand, knee d right, left hand, left knee Ride that wave, ride that jet ski, what? I don’t know why I try to test myself, what? I’m all about my goals like Ovechkin, what? I’m just about my goals like I’m Messi, what? Being a brothel, shit don’t impress me, what? I could never be your man, I’m your best friend, what? And I never liked you, so don’t text me, I’m on a, I’m on a (Okay, okay) Outside of my body, I’m on a (Okay) , alright) Yeah, hold up, hold up, slow down, catch up (alright, alright) All my rocking Audemar All my rocking Rollige, Audemar, Patek Bustdown thotiana, bustdown thotiana Bust down a thotty with a bustdown Okay, okay Grrr!

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