LyricsI’LL BE GONE (Vice Remix)


Like shiny oil, this night is dripping The stars are slipping, twinkling And I’m trying not to think about what I’m leaving now

Don’t fool me now, it’s time you let me go Let me go, I’ll be gone! I will be gone! King Push Dope game keep calling Dope boys keep falling asking me “What is my legacy?” I just wanna die ballin’ I just wanna die forin’ I just wanna roll overseas I just wanna get hoes together Lonny, Lisa, meet Lauren (Wooo!) I know what time it is Patek Philippe and the Tourbillon (Yuugh !) I do my hair, I swervin’ them I know it’s wrong, but life is a bitch and it turns me on! Yeah, and to each their own Hatin’ ain’t something we condone That’s the way I freak out when the beat hits I’ma blast that shit ’til your speakers blast? Not for me ‘Cause the chain of command is working fine You gotta earn some stripes until you talk to me Word to Pusha, word to Vice Build a track once and kill it twice Build a stage and kill the lights The opening act was like “Fuck my life” Y’all can love it, there’s nothing wrong Forget the hate you carry Enjoy it now cause after a long Keyser Söze I’ll be gone, I’ll be gone ! I will be gone! When the lights go out and we open our eyes There in the silence I’ll be gone I’ll be gone the lights go out and we open our eyes There in the silence I’ll be gone I’ll be gone I’ll be left ! I will be gone! I will be gone!

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