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Uh BTS Chun-Li

You can call me artist (artist) you can call me idol (Idol) (irony of fate) 나 는 항상 나 였기 에 손가락질 해 나 는 전혀 신경 쓰지 않네 나 욕하 가 는 너 의 이유 가 가 뭐 든 간 에 이유 가 뭐 든 간 에 I know what I am) I know what I want (I know what I want) I ain’t gon’ change (I’ll never change) I’ll never trade (I’ll never trade) You can’t trade me stop loving me 지화자 좋다 You can’t stop loving me 얼쑤 Oh, oh, ooh, oh Oh, oh, ooh, oh, ooh, oh Oh, oh, ooh, oh 너 의 ANPANMAN 24 시간 이 적지 내 내 겐 겐 겐 겐 겐 I do my thang (I do my thang) I love you I love you myself, I love my fans love my dance and my what am I doing, what am I doing Yes, 그니까 넌 너나 잘하셔 You can’t help loving me 얼쑤 좋다 You can’t help loving me 지화자 좋다 You can’t help loving me ‘love ooh, oh, ooh, oh oh, oh, ooh, oh 얼쑤 I’m so fine wherever I go 가끔 멀리 돌아가도 It’s okay, I’m in love with myself It’s okay You know I’ve been a boss throughout my career, I am About to do a throw in the air And put more than my hands in the air Hands in the air, put your hands in the air If you get money, rubber bands in the air I never gave an F they can cancel my treatments ‘Cause if he looks good throw my pants up I’m here for John Mayer My body is a wonderland my face is first order I swear to watch ice glare like, I’m Gucci but don’t shop there One time rewind the press Tryna come from Nicki name press the decline So much power in the spirit, yeah divine Take your change, you’ll never be next in line Can’t stop I love myself 얼쑤 좋다 You can’t stop loving me oh 덩기덕 쿵더러러 얼쑤 Oh, oh , ooh, oh Oh, oh, ooh, oh, ooh, oh Oh, oh, ooh, oh

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