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How can you become so limited by the choices someone else makes? How come we’ve both become a version of someone we don’t even like? We’re in love with the world, but the world just wants to take us down

By putting ideas in our heads that corrupt our hearts in one way or another. in the sacrifice And yet I don’t know anyone who is really satisfied You better believe that I’m trying (try, try) To keep climbing (go up, climb) Hope I learn to push myself Stop trying to be someone else So that we can love each other for free Everybody wants something, you just want me Why am I obsessed with the things I can’t control? Why am I seeking approval from people I don’t even know? In these crazy times, I hope to find something that I can hold onto Cause I need some substance in my life Something real, something that feels real You better believe, for you I cried (I cried, I cried) High tides (High tides, high tides) Because I want you so much, but you can’t fight fire with fire to love you, to love you for free All world wants something from me, you just want me Look I know how far I can get down, I give as much as I get I’m gone Oh, I hope with time (I hope with time) We’ll all find both (we will both find peace of mind) Sometimes the road less traveled is the road best left behind Well then I hope I learn to push myself Stop trying to ‘be someone else Oh, I just wanna love you, love you for free, yeah’ cause everybody want something from me, you want me j uste You better believe that I’m trying (trying, trying) To keep climbing (limbing, climbing) But the higher we go, the more we feel like we are not wiser The only regret I have Wish it was just another time The most turbulent time of my life Why should I put this on you? It’s just like a really heavy thing to talk about But because of this period of time Even though it was so much fun I couldn’t go on and make new memories with it

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