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I’m just worried about it, can’t stop thinking about it, here we go

We came here to talk about it Dirty little thing I’ll never look in your eyes Never know its name Stop blaming me now That night I was so stoned Your body lied to me Ah This code I don’t couldn’t recognize But one thing you forgot Never play with my heart, how could you be so stupid Hey now, blame now Hey now, say now I know what they say Life is a real game But who can Tell me I gotta play When other players are playing hard How could they funk with my heart Without punishing This ain’t the real game Someone can call this game life But I could use my knife If someone got me in on this bluff So if you wanna play hard Try something with cards Fuck all the dirty players to my Hey now, wait now Tears will never heal your body Hey now, say now Please, no I’ll never stop this party I’ll never heal you n body I’ll never stop this party Baby I don’t know why You always tell me lies Baby I can’t deny always ask you why I never know but I will forever and ever by your side Bab And, I don’t know why I can’t deny You’re the reason I want to live And no matter the hour Always be mine You’ll always be mine Hey now, wait now, say now Please, never stop this party Hey now (hey now), wait now (wait now) Tears will never heal your body Hey now (hey now), say now (say now) Please never stop this party

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