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Strike a pose with my loved ones Front page of the billboards Suit and tie, and smoke a cigar

Macallan punches’ til it burns your throat We always celebrate the Super Bowl catalog by looking in the legendary ring froze like it’s February XO, he’s a clear mercenary, yeah, you said you wanted your boyfriend to be jealous with some pics And you weren’t expecting to fall in love with me once you got that dick The dark town, the dangerous town Your girlfriend is trying to couple you with someone more famous so basic, faceless Someone to take your pictures and frame them And my new girl, she’s a movie star My new girl, she a movie star I liked her, did- scream her like Neve Campbell But when I make her laugh swear it heals My depressing thoughts Cause little girl she’s a movie star Little girl she’s a movie star Told myself I’ll never fall But here we go again, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh a dream cause that’s never what i It seems at all So here we go Although this love is strong for me Some things can change, things go wrong with me We don’t know how it’s gonna be Forever it’s too long for me We haven’t need government involved because we love to touch We don’t need any fucking religion to tell us that we are in love marriage contract, you’re gonna sign that marriage contract you’re gonna sign that marriage contract, you’re gonna sign that love and lost marriage contract with tears That never love at all So here we go again Station number one to free your soul (free your soul) Dawn 103.5

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