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It was Christmas Eve baby In the drunk tank An old man told me “I won’t see another”

And then he sang a song The Rare Old Mountain Dew I turned my face away And I dreamed of you I was lucky I had eighteen to one I have a feeling This year is for me and for you So merry Christmas I love you baby I can see a better time When all our dreams come true They have cars as big as bars, they have rivers of gold But the wind crosses you There is no no place for old people When you first took my hand on a cold Christmas Eve You promised me Broadway was waiting for me You were beautiful You were pretty Queen of New York When the band finished play They screamed for more Sinatra was rocking, All the drunks they sang We kissed in a corner Then danced the night away The boys from the NYPD choir were singing “Galway Bay” And the bells were ringing for Christmas day drop in this bed you bastard, maggot, you are not expensive and you are haggard Merry Christmas your ass I beg GC is our last NYPD choir boys are still singing “Galway Bay” And the bells are ringing For Christmas day I could’ve been someone Well, anyone too You took my dreams from me When I found you the first time I kept them with me baby I put them with mine I can’t get by on my own I built my dreams around you NYPD choir boys are still singing “Galway Bay” And the bells are ringing For Christmas day

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