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Oh taking it all for us taking it all

Take it all for us Oh Do it all for love Do it all Do it all for love Take it all for us, all Do it all for love (Do it all) Yeah-eh, yeah-eh, eh (starvation, starvation) MIA money (pockets are empty ) Mama make ends meet (Make ends meet) Work like a slave (Mississippi, aye-aye) Daddy ain’t home, no (Father, Father) Gotta be a man (Michael Corleone) Do it for my homies (sisters, brothers) Do it for the family (yeah, so tell ’em Labby) Ey! (Oh, oh, oh, oh) Just for your love, yeah, I’ll give the world a Mona Lisa smile Hey (oh, oh, oh, oh) And I’ll do 25 for life If that makes me a king One star in your eyes Guilty or innocent My love is endless, I give it No need for prisoners Bitch please put your hands up it’s a stick ’cause I’m Hey, yeah I take it Yeah-eh I I take everything for us, everything I do everything for love Yeah-eh, yeah-eh, eh Guess you thought my two times two always equals one Dreamers are selfish When it all comes down to it, I hope one of you will come back to remind me who i was when i disappear in this good night (good night) i take it all for us, do it all for love (do it all)

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