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(That’s it) Looking back now I didn’t know what it was supposed to be And, and it’s like raising kids, man

If you haven’t been raised you don’t know how to raise, you know? I just did the best I could with them because they know full well that I love them but I didn’t do my best I didn’t know what I was doing I never forgot to watch my mom put on a straitjacket And walk out of my house when i was only seven She was diagnosed with dementia early on and put in a mental institution Leaving my dad alone with me and my little brother Lloyd J ‘ later had a mean mother-in-law Who further cemented the idea that I didn’t need a mother Growing up without a mother I had lasting impressions that I didn’t fully understand until much later in my life to a woman i would cut her off. Part it was vindictive and part based on fear But it was also totally unconscious. Looking back is a bitch, isn’t it? (Ah, ah, ah)

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